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Chinese medicine treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Updated: Monday, Apr 09,2012, 1:20:34 PM
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Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic joint pathological changes is given priority to, systemic, autoimmune diseases, of traditional Chinese medicine GuBi, WanBi initiative, calendar quarter, character was shown categories such as the wind. The disease is different from the general attack the wind cold dampness, pathological changes in joint synovial happened first, and then invade and joint cartilage, ligament, tendons and whole body connective tissue. In the Jie bone lesions by muscle produces blood stasis, phlegmy wet cemented together, difficult to solve, involvement to appear red, swollen joints, hot, pain, small joint especially palm limbs and proximal knuckle to a morning stiffness, swelling and pain, swelling of the spindle, even joint surface erosion and fusion, joint space significant stenosis or disappear, joint deformation, stiffness, etc. HuangChang old Chinese medicine in more than 60 years of clinical experience, the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis have original ideas.

Benefiting kidney onyang, remove stasis, dredging, search the wind picks dehumidification for certified rheumatoid arthritis check therapeutic effect.

The condition of rheumatoid arthritis stubbornly lingering, the course of a long, so the early reasonable treatment is very important. Huang Lao found that the WanBi attractive kidney Yang first virtual factors, and hence ChengXu disease attacks by the then ju, for evil from qi, congestion meridians therein, deep bone Jie phlegm and blood stasis, of the resistance, * don't understand, so very difficult treatment. For patients with pain into collaterals, long pain and blood stasis, long pain insufficiency, long will and kidney, so treatment to must pay attention to the temperature, warming the kidney therapeutic.

Because the kidneys bone, and the Lord a suit of the sun be the spirit, so choose kidney strong sun wen, scattered stasis polyester phlegm, dredging of drynaria fortunei, faeries spleen, gold dog ridge, r., angelica, found bone wind, xanthium, XuChangQing, tougucao, one thousand national health, cattle vigorously, chicken bone sweet and has TouGu display of winding insect drugs dilong, whole xie, such as JiangCan compatibility and become, the warming of benefiting kidney, remove stasis, dredging, search the wind picks the effect of dehumidification initiative.

If the joint swelling, activity the adverse, can use one thousand national health and loose section, dilong with stretched out muscle grass; Rigid deformation adds the gold ridges, dilong, white dog JiangCan, etc. Huang Lao in legislation drug use, coordinating combination on the kidney, specimens price, for what the attack, herbal medicine and insect drugs are melting match, so had better.

Rheumatoid arthritis in the syndrome differentiation except pay great attention to the kidney temperature kidney, but also hold Yin, Yang, cold, hot four words, more than Yang partial cold, asarum, cinnamon, antlers piece, the system of uzziah, sichuan with udinese, grass and strengthen the cognition to the cold of the scattered quality products; Yin deficiency more partial hot to dwarf lilyturf, stone, QinJiao, such as conventional dendrobium nourish "Yin" heat "product of Kennedy, as far as possible don't choose the drug experience, in order to avoid the loss of Yang injury.

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