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Chinese medicine recommend kelp treatment remedies

Updated: Monday, Apr 09,2012, 1:22:46 PM
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Kelp is a high nutritional value of the vegetables, TCM medicine they call kelp. TCM holds that kelp sexual flavour salty cold has soft firm, smoothing asthma [away, however phlegm diuresis, reduce fat step-down, such as effectiveness, so often eat kelp is very beneficial to body health.

Treatment for hypertension:

Take kelp, grass JueMing every 30 grams, water frying, eat kelp drink soup, or take kelp right amount, will the drying at the end of the inquiry, blunt water, 3 times a day, each time 5 grams, Ed 1 ~ 3 months for a period of treatment.

Treat tall blood fat:

Take kelp, mung bean each 150 grams, brown sugar right amount. Will kelp, green beans were boiled until cooked lousy, seasoning with brown sugar, 2 times a day, and appropriate service uniform.

Treatment of fatty liver disease:

Take kelp shreds, animals with spinal 1, condiment right amount. Will kelp wash silk, the first steam; Animals to stew spine, soup after the skim froth, join kelp silk stew lousy, seasoning with dressing can.

Treat constipation:

Take kelp 60 g, will its after immersing cooked, add spices right amount, meal uniform, daily 1 agent.

The treatment of chronic pharyngitis:

Take kelp 300 grams, sugar right amount. Will kelp washed, shred, boiling water ironed out, add sugar pickled 3, in the morning and 30 grams daily food.

Treatment itchy skin:

Take 60 ~ 90 g kelp, pig bone 150-250 g, add to the stew ripe black, add salt to taste, points 2 times food.

For osteoporosis:

Take kelp 150 g and 1000 g pig bone, put in the pressure cooker, 2000 ml water, fire to boil stew lousy, add seasoning flavor can be eaten.

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