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Childhood diabetes,should be wary

Updated: Monday, Nov 23,2009, 2:01:50 PM
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Childhood and adult diabetes is different from the clinical manifestations of acute illness, severe illness, early difficult to be found. Most children with multiple urine, polydipsia, loss of appetite (anorexia is more prevalent than the more food), weight loss, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and other symptoms could easily result in dehydration and acidosis.

Compounded by malnutrition in childhood, decreased resistance to colds easily, fever, cough, skin susceptible, there pus boil, often appear in the bodies of young girls girls vaginitis, genital itching and other symptoms occur. These symptoms appeared after the addition of the body weak, often secondary to diabetic ketoacidosis after the above-mentioned diseases.

The incidence of childhood diabetes and genetic related information on the current statistics show that: the crowd with a family history of diabetes incidence is no family history of diabetes of 3-40 times; Furthermore, childhood diabetes still have a certain seasonal, fall and winter seasons will occur.

The vast majority of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in children type of diabetes that is clinically called Ⅰ, The treatment principle is the use of insulin and diet therapy. Growth and development of children are at the same time period, because the body's growth, the body needs calories increased, so the diet should not be too hard to control.

In addition, children's diabetes prognosis is usually good, parents should learn how to use blood glucose test strips blood glucose levels measured, appropriate adjustment of insulin dosage, food intake or exercise, generally 2-4 times a day, in the fasting and bedtime for.

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