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10 kinds of food can prevent hair loss

Updated: Monday, Apr 09,2012, 1:41:32 PM
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The first: salmon (salmon). Because the salmon rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, iron, but also we get good protein source. The necessary omega 3 fatty acids can support scalp health. If lack, lead to the dry scalp, give people ugly appearance. For the vegetarian speaking? Please in the diet supplement flaxseed (maren oil), this is good plant of omega 3 fatty acids.

The second: dark green vegetables. Spinach is beneficial to the health of the hair, and broccoli, Swiss beets are taking vitamin A and C source of good. Skin need to produce leather fat, the hair of the oily substance secreted capsule. Keep the hair quality natural state, at the same time, dark green vegetables can be iron and calcium.

The third kind of vegetables, beans. Some doubt beans to the benefits of hair. But, the fact of no doubt! Such as kidneys, beans, lentil should be your food in the important a part. It can not only provide rich protein, and promote the growth of the hair, also rich in iron, zinc, and vitamin H (English: biotin). If lack of these elements will lead to hair brittle fracture. The American diet therapy association recommends eating three cup soy products every week to keep healthy.

Iv: nuts. Often eat nuts to the health of the hair. Brazil nut is the best get selenium source. Maintain scalp health is the most important minerals. Walnut rich alpha linolenic acid, omega 3 fatty acids to help improve your hair, at the same time, it is the source of zinc get a lot. Cashew, almond, walnut are recommended food. Therefore, the food should be periodically appear in your diet, to sustain one's health status.

The fifth class: poultry. Those long feather poultry, chicken and Turkey, can provide the protein of high quality guarantee you the health of the hair. Not enough protein or low quality protein, lack of high quality protein will lead to the hair the fragile, easily broken. Poultry can provide high biological utilization ratio of iron, this means that the body to absorb iron good to the hair.

The sixth class: the egg. Eggs to healthy hair, whether you love what kind of way of cooking eggs, it can provide a good source of protein, this is our daily life easy access to one of the protein. Eggs are rich in vitamin B12 and vitamin H. This is important beauty nutrients.

The seventh class: whole grains. Whole grains of food not only to the health of the teeth, and also to the health of the hair, whole grains of wheat bread and food includes reinforced breakfast cereals, it is rich in zinc, iron, vitamin B. Advice before dinner in small amounts of added grains as a working intermittent added.

The eighth kind: oysters. The oyster people know it may be too much reason is the medicinal properties of strong sun. It also can bring you a head of show hair, how does not love it? In fact, the zinc is really worth oyster love for the things. This is a real role a lot of antioxidants. If, oysters can't called you on the table on the regulars, don't despair! From whole grains, nuts, beef, small YangGaoRou the food such as also can get rich in zinc.

9 of: skimmed milk. Skim milk like yogurt take off fat milk is get calcium good source. This is the hair growth which plays an important role in mineral. They are rich in whey and casein (casein: a kind of phosphorus protein, is the main protein, and milk and cheese curd. Use the main components of the acid can make it dilution from milk precipitation down, become a kind of amorphous material. Add white alkali or excess acid can be dissolved after again. Curd enzyme (and other solidification milk enzymes) can affect casein hydrolysis into soluble yan casein (parasein) in the c + + under the existence of yan casein change to become not soluble curd (not soluble yan casein or vice casein calcium). Casein (usually calcium salt, sylvite or sodium salt form) added to food ingredients other can increase in food protein content. Note: in Britain's nomenclature casein called caseinogen (casein former), and paracasein (yan casein, vice casein) called casein) are the two types of an important source of protein. For the sake of you of the health of the hair, please in your refrigerator and place of business can take to yogurt, for timely added. Please remember that in your breakfast to add and promote healthy hair cannabis (oil) or walnut, facilitate seasonable compensatory body omega 3 fatty acids and zinc.

The ten classes: carrots. The carrot is people get an important source of vitamin A, can promote the health of scalp, let the scalp has good appearance. Healthy scalp is shining hair, make sure that your food can be various forms of cooking, oil burning carrots more advantageous to the absorption. In short, balanced diet to the health of the hair. When it comes to eating the influence of hair and beauty, in fact, have a variety of way realization Suggestions.

The general rule is that variety is the best choice. A comprehensive balance diet, including lean meat, fruit, vegetables, whole grains, bean products, fish (salmon), skim milk can help get salon. If you be fashionable diet seduced, also need to focus on the collocation of nutrition, low caloric food sometimes causes nutrition is not reasonable. Your diet necessary have omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, and vitamin A. When did you notice any obvious hair loss happened, you should look at the rationality of the diet in time, to ensure that health and a head of charming hair.

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