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What are the hazards of liposuction slimming operation

Updated: Thursday, Mar 03,2016, 2:43:16 PM
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With the improvement of economic level, people's living level also in the continuous improvement of, food culture is thriving, this obesity problem is more and more serious, weight of the population of our country has been in serious phenomenon of exceeding standard. Obesity has brought many problems to our life, it not only affects our image, but also to our health has also brought a lot of trouble. Liposuction is a popular way to lose weight recently, so liposucked what harm? Come to know.

What are the hazards of liposuction slimming operation

1, the phenomenon of numbness

We know that the main nerve of the human body in the inside of the muscle, fat is the main blood vessels and nerve endings. Liposuction liposuction slimming surgery can lead to nerve damage, so that the body will appear the phenomenon of numbness. We don't have to worry too much about this but, postoperative care is good, usually about half a year can be restored.

2, skin relaxation

A flabby skin harm is very significant, because after liposuction liposuction slimming, skin laxity. However, in less than 40 years old, the skin itself has good elasticity, can slowly self adjustment and repair. With the growth of the age, or obese people, skin elasticity amplitude decreases, liposuction after the skin is flabby phenomenon is more obvious. So, that too large patients don't easily choose liposuction slimming operation.

3, the skin is uneven

The skin is uneven is the most a lot of liposuction slimming surgery patients, the serious influence to our body. For example, abdominal liposuction, if just draw a large amount of fat on the abdomen, although abdominal flat, but viewed from the side, but the formation of a depression, the correct method is to on the lower abdomen and waist comprehensive and balanced liposuction, so as to reach the purpose of shaping lines.

Liposuction slimming surgery still has a lot of harm, but the best way to healthy physique or starting from the diet and exercise. Above is the editor for everyone to provide what harm the relevant information on the existence of liposuction slimming operation, hope can help to you, finally wish every friend are able to thin body is successful.

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