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To sleep naked while fashion but not suitable for the elderly

Updated: Monday, Nov 24,2014, 4:07:28 PM
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Do not wear clothes to sleep, only cover the quilt to keep out the cold, it is very difficult to completely cover the shoulder and neck. The neck is in the middle of the Du meridian, into the hair after median straight 1 inch is Fengfu acupoint. The so-called "wind" of the wind evil, "Fu" refers to the place of meeting, the meaning is the point for the invasion of pathogenic wind and aggregation site, named Feng fu. This point has the functions of dispelling wind, purging heat, clearance effect of resuscitation. "Fengfu" once the cold, cold pathogen spread, will cause headache, dizziness, sore throat, stroke. So the best sleep wear pajamas. (referred to above the "inch" namely individualcun, is the ratio method, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture point refers to certain parts of the patient body surface fold given the discretion, as the length of the acupuncture points of units, such as middle finger Cun, thumb Cun etc.. Individualcun in 1 inch in length of each person is different, so the individualcun applies only to individuals, not with their own individualcun in others find points. )

The ancient very particular about the pajamas, we today cannot completely copy, but the general principle is:

1,  pajamas to guard the shoulders, neck, abdomen, these are the cold part. Age was prone to scapulohumeral periarthritis, cervical spondylosis such degenerative disease, in addition to the elderly of spleen deficiency were as much, so sleep should protect these sites. Pajamas hold the shoulder, prevention and treatment of periarthritis of shoulder; "mask of the neck collar after the" prevention of cervical spondylosis; pajamas loose mast covering abdomen, prevent abdominal catch cold.

2,  pajamas to spacious and comfortable, especially the collar location should be more relaxed, don't hinder breathing.

3,  pajamas shoulds not be too thick, even in winter, should also be in frivolous softness is better. Too thick pajamas are not comfortable wearing, and permeability is poor, is not conducive to the metabolism of the skin and sweat evaporation.

4,  pajamas with cotton, silk is better, because these materials with good permeability, strong moisture absorption, comfortable to wear.

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