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The lack of nutrients is one of the causes of cancer of the esophagus

Updated: Monday, Nov 03,2014, 5:04:58 PM
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What is the cause of esophageal cancer? In life, some bad habits can easily cause the incidence of esophageal cancer, the disease and diet, obesity, endangering the life and health of patients, which is the cause of esophageal cancer? Below please Phoenix Chinese medicine experts to explain in detail.

First of all, all malignant diseases are associated with smoking and drinking do not take off a relation, esophageal cancer also but such as is, alcohol is one of the most important factors for esophageal cancer in many pathogenic factors of risk, a large number of people drinking beer esophagus cancer is 10 times higher than non drinkers. The risk of esophageal cancer also increases with increasing smoking and, if the daily smoking more than 10 cigarettes, the greater danger.

In addition, the lack of nutrients is one of the reasons causing cancer of the esophagus, esophageal cancer occurrence and nutrient lack a certain relationship. Improper diet, especially fresh fruits, vegetables and animal protein intake is insufficient, preserved, mildew contain nitrosamines, nitrate and nitrite containing mycotoxins and food, the incidence of esophageal cancer risk increased.

Eat hard, rough, spicy food stimulation is also prone to cancer of the esophagus, esophageal food reached the stomach through the channel mouth, pipe wall it is elastic tissue, composed of epithelial mucosal layer, hypodermis and muscle layer, through the peristaltic contraction esophagus muscle soft, elastic, the food group into the stomach. Too hot, too coarse food through the esophagus, contact in the mucosal epithelium, can burn or scraped esophageal epithelial, the mucosal epithelium breakage, ulceration, bleeding. If repeated adversely stimulation, epithelial hyperplasia, will in the repeated repair process in morphology, function is not normal "alien" cell. These abnormal cells accumulated more, will gradually undergo malignant transformation, to highlight the emergence and proliferation, ulceration, bleeding on the surface of esophageal mucosa epithelium. In the process of continuous development of mucosal epithelial carcinogenesis, cancer continues to expand, and gradually to the development of the middle esophagus.

The cause of esophageal cancer is related with food overheat, very hot food into the mouth, can make the oral mucosal hyperemia, mucosal injury caused by ulcer. Data shows, in patients with esophageal cancer, usually like hot food, hot drinks accounted for more than 90%. These people food or beverage temperature for an average of 71 to 74 DEG C, a reach 88 DEG c.. According to the experimental result, eating 75 degrees around the food or beverage, esophageal epithelial there will be reaction; to 80 DEG C, esophageal epithelial appear necrosis, atypical hyperplasia. If eating high temperature hot food once a day for 25 consecutive days, can appear the esophageal epithelial dysplasia. Severe hyperplasia is the precancerous lesion.

Above to introduce what is the cause of esophageal cancer, esophageal cancer is endangering the life and health of patients, the relationship between large living habits of the cause of the disease and the US, the hope can cause everybody attention, reduce the risk of esophageal cancer.

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