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Seven kinds of therapeutic methods against cough during pregnancy

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 02,2016, 1:59:42 PM
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During pregnancy coughing, many mothers have some bitter experience, hold the belly, not hard cough, afraid the baby will be an early report; if not careful to cough, urinary incontinence, is even more embarrassing. Therefore, pregnant cough is pregnant women and obstetricians distress symptoms, cough if too much or too intense, make abdominal pressure increase, cause miscarriage or premature birth.

Why pregnant women coughing? One of the possible reasons is caused by a cold, so the treatment method as the treatment of common cold. But don't try to be smart, arbitrary service medicine (Chinese medicine, Western Medicine), because some treatment of cough, traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine on the fetus will have influence. To treat, must go to the hospital to seek medical treatment, so as not to hurt the fetus.

However, some pregnant women are not caused by a cold cough. In accordance with Chinese medicine, these mothers had more physical deficiency, as long as a pregnancy would cough, cough has been born to the fetus, and greatly damage the health of the fetus. At this time the treatment is different from the common cold caused by coughing, we must focus on Zhisou, Yin runfei. Here are some cough therapeutic methods of the long line of people.

Stewed pear 1, sugar: fresh pears, peeled, cut open to nuclear, joined the amount of crystal sugar, soft Geshui Zheng pot add food.

2, baked oranges: in the center of the bottom of the orange with chopsticks to fight a hole, plug some salt wrapped with aluminum foil after into the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes, after removing the orange peel the skin off while hot to eat. Or dried orange peel into tangerine peel, add water to cook tea, drink Dakoutaikou, quite miraculous.

3, Kawabe Ri: 2 money peeled, go nuclear fresh pear and fritillary bulb powder, put it in a pot of water septum steaming hot food.

4, turnip Yee: white radish into 1 cm cubes, into dry, clean container, fill honey, cover tightly, dipping 3 days will oozing honey mixed with water, placed in refrigerator; each scoop out a little warm water to drink, cough effect very well. If the drink, no time dipping, white radish can be ground with 1/3 amount of honey and mix well, add warm water to drink.

5, candied kumquat: kumquat washed, use toothpick poke holes 23, drowned boiling water, add rock sugar, with a small fire boil rotten, while hot edible. No drinking cool, stored in the refrigerator, each scoop some hot food.

6, don't eat sweets such as sweet biscuits, those cold, dry, and easy to be lit food, such as peanuts, melon seeds, fried food should also be banned.

7, drink plenty of warm boiling water, boiling water temperature in the mouth is also very good effect of cough.

Cough more food therapy several times a day for pregnant women, most people (including adults and children) are effective, try.

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