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How to prevent senile vaginitis

Updated: Monday, Mar 03,2014, 7:12:32 PM
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When the beginning of senile vaginitis, vaginal discharge is not much, however, is watery, after developing a serious, no timely treatment, ask your doctor to see, sometimes it can become purulent, and even there Some odor, the smell is bad taste. Sometimes early vulvar itch, and if there is no timely treatment will gradually feel Sao thermal, touch the pain, sometimes because of the itch scratched, because the skin is crisp, very easy to grasp the pain, scratching and formation damage occurred on the vagina and vulva some other infection.

In addition, in early fall, when there is a feeling in the lower abdomen, followed by timely treatment would not have increased, sometimes accompanied by the symptoms of lumbar pain, gradually emerged. So senile vaginitis Although this disease is not very serious, however, is more common in older people, so we have to understand this knowledge, know now is not normal, and can be treated. Now present, for the treatment of senile vaginitis vaginal first is to improve the environment, we are talking about is just slightly acidic vaginal environment must be maintained, so in terms of drug treatment would improve the environment.

Another is to improve immune function. Improve immune function so that older women should first learn from their lower estrogen levels in the end to what extent, that is to say after menopause should be put into obstetrics and gynecology doctor to do regular checks of estrogen in the end to see to what extent low , then according to my situation to choose what is best for my oral estrogen and its amount, in this case under the guidance of a doctor can decrease the amount of estrogen replacement therapy. On the principle that there is an anti-inflammatory treatment. Since it is a bacterial infection, then you must use some anti-inflammatory drugs. Now we often use potassium metronidazole ointment, or potassium metronidazole suppository, or some antibacterial ointment can, cocci bacteria sense, but is generally more common E. coli, sometimes found in Staphylococcus aureus Infection can also occur because of changes in the acidic environment of the vagina will be some other bacterial infections.

Moreover vagina acidic environment has changed, then we can artificially high potassium solution Meng 1 to 5 thousand were washing the vulva and vagina. Alkaline environment so that we can put people into an acidic environment, so for senile vaginitis or helpful. Another addition to estrogen than oral supplements, there is a method that can be topical, it is to these ointments containing estrogen, for example, see the beautiful courtship prime cod liver oil ointment or one percent regularly applied inside the vagina or vulva , generally coated in the outer third of the vagina can be. This can help make the vaginal mucosal absorption, thereby improving vaginal estrogen environment. The effect is very good, I hope they have found old friends in the symptoms of vaginitis, go to hospital for treatment will soon recover. Then there are the more important thing is prevention.

So senile vaginitis how to prevent it? I now give you a few good ways:

The first is the vulva and vagina should always be kept clean with warm water to wash every day can, try underwear often change as little as possible to wash pedestal basin, pedestal basin best is to be used alone, to reduce the chance of infection or cross-infection. We must clean old friends in the local time be careful not to mess with external flushing drugs, because it contains parts of the process may not be suitable for them, but it may be suitable for some young patients suffering from vaginal or disease. For senile vaginitis is best cleaned with warm water.

If you have been suffering from senile vaginitis can use a high-potassium ratio 5 Meng cleaning, rinse the indiscriminate use of the drug if it will destroy the vaginal immune environment, making it resistant to decline, likely to cause infection. Among my comrades have relatively high age of lesbian particularly clean almost three times a day to wash, but it is used some outside cleaning agents, and finally it is the first was cervicitis, even vaginitis, so sometimes A normal immune environment in the vagina do not destroy, and if you find yourself with the symptoms of senile vaginitis should be early to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, as well as women enter menopause is to advance or set period please women obstetric doctor check check estrogen levels, which under the guidance of a doctor, can advance according to their own circumstances appropriate supplemental estrogen. Such features all aspects of the recession themselves played a role in pushing slow. Can maintain their normal function genital tissue,

The last is that we are willing to avoid the old couple's sex life moderation is the best care. That is due to sexual stimulation which can be excited genital blood circulation, improve tissue metabolism, so that organizations are active, so that the secretion of estrogen function active, you can adjust your own estrogen levels. So sexual stimulation for women's health is very important. Another man's semen inside there is an antimicrobial protein, also known as semen cytokine, a substance which has the effect of killing bacteria lipid levels, so in the course of life has been to improve the immune function of the vagina. So after the elderly want to have sex, I still feel there should be, but in moderation, this can only be good for health.

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