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How to prevent motion sickness, seasickness

Updated: Monday, Nov 09,2009, 11:38:28 AM
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Should not be fasting, or fullness: when you take public transport should not be fasting, or fullness. Qi Bafen eat eat, eat the best digestible, fatty food and less fruit, in particular, can not eat high protein and high fat foods;

Seat choice: travel to sit inside the front seat as far as possible to sit relatively stable and the same direction with the driving seat;

Do not read the traffic: the traffic moving, the head of the appropriate fixed, to avoid over-swing, the best close their eyes meditatively or sleep. Do not read the handwriting is too small newspapers, magazines.

To maintain air circulation: the windows open, keep the air circulation. You can also bring a breath of fresh air, fragrant fruit (like oranges), and peppermint oil, when you feel dizzy when placed nose smelling or oil painted temple, there are unexpected results.

Tighten belt: the belt latch tensioners on the front of the vehicle to prevent excessive internal organs in the body and swim to help prevent motion sickness disease occurrence.

Vitamin B6: travel before 1 hour, taking 100 mg; 2 hours later, and then taking 100 milligrams, it can alleviate the nausea.

Ginger antiemetic: will ginger and pasted them in navel and wrist Neiguan on the outside using a fixed Huoxuezhitong paste, bring on motion sickness, nausea and have excellent efficacy.

Wear motion sickness pills: In the front of the vehicle, taking some vertigo-ning, by drugs such as halo-ning, or chlorpheniramine. The right to use is: half an hour before departure to one hour fasting medication to shorten the drug in the stomach emptying time, intestinal absorption of drug as quickly as possible.

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