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Good fruit is sour or sweet good?

Updated: Thursday, Feb 20,2014, 9:08:26 PM
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Core Tip: not content with the sweetness of the fruit of the relationship between nutrients and health ingredients. In general, for the same kind of fruit, slightly sour flavor varieties , including vitamin and antioxidant higher.

1 pick fruit, which look at the color , or smell the aroma ?

Different varieties of fruit , the color will be different, after bagging the fruit after treatment, the color will be more beautiful uniform, but those color unevenness nice fruit flavors are not inferior to the fruit . From delicious perspective, smell the aroma is more tricky to pick the fruit , no matter how the color , aroma are usually the best fruit to eat . But from the nutritional value , color Shennong varieties typically better than light color varieties, such as purple , fuchsia varieties of grapes in antioxidants higher than green varieties of meat and white meat .

2 From the fruit taste judgment, high acid nutritional value , or the sweet high ?

Nutrient content and health fruit sweetness has little to do with the ingredients . In general, for the same kind of fruit, slightly sour flavor varieties , including vitamin and antioxidant higher. For example, particularly sweet , a little sour citrus flavor no content of polyphenols which is slightly lower than on the varieties of some of the sour taste . This is because most of the health components are somewhat pleasant taste, or acid, or astringent or bitter, basically nothing to do with sweetness. This is not to say a bad sweet fruit , is that if only the sweetness , no other flavor, health may not be as rich flavor of the fruit on the value.

3 When the option to buy fruit or a little big ? Some big head is not added a leavening agent ?

Fruit size is mainly controlled by the species , not only by size to evaluate whether natural. To fully understand , you can check the relevant website for some fruit cultivars , pictures or text description . For example, the average weight of a fruit varieties is 120 grams , then 100 grams or 140 grams is normal , but 180 grams is more strange. Different varieties , the size difference will be great, for example, Fuji apples grow big , Gala apples grow smaller. A leavening agent specializing in expert told me , leavening agent is a cytokinin -like substances, let the fruit grow larger , mature faster, but will affect the sweetness and flavor, is not conducive to storage . When buying fruit, to be in a similar species , choose medium size fruit , not to discriminate against looks small ; Second to taste the flavor . If the flavor, sweet and sour taste , do not worry about a leavening agent . Can manually adjust the size , taste not make false . In the market can ask to taste ; go to the supermarket to buy two fewer first taste , feel delicious , too late to buy more .

4 This is not to eat the fruit of the season ?

No matter what the season, better to eat fruit than eat . But if there is possible, Select fruits of the season , because the quality is often better than the season -season products . Some fruits more than one crop or different varieties mature at different seasons , such as mango and pineapple.

5 Some seem particularly bad fruit preservation , it is easy rotten , how to do ?

Fruit maturity is called "ethylene " gas to start. Once the fruit is ripe to start some programs , it has come to hesitate to soft rot . These fruits are to be stiff to buy , such as avocado ( avocado ) , Yantai homemade kiwi and pears , and bananas. Once they mature quickly and thoroughly softened, within two days to eat , can not transport and storage . When you buy carefully touch the fruit , the fruit can not have a bruise . After the buy back , the first fruits of these blunt did not break into a plastic bag , add twelve apple , crabapple , pear like odoriferous fruit , along with the mouth tied up , so that the release of natural ripe fruit ripening gas "ethylene " come into play. Over 3 to 5 days after gently pressing the fruit of the base , if there is a little bit soft , it means you can eat, and eat according to the softness of the order .

6 on the surface of fruits a little bad , throw a pity , but also to eat it?

Fruit of the "bad" there are several cases , some mildew , some soft rot, brown some bumps , some have a scar or have bugs. If it is bruised and did not interfere with eating. Remove a small piece of browning part on the line. Scars and insects are also without prejudice to eat . Soft rotten fruit soft parts can be removed , and the rest can eat if not musty , but possibly with the taste of alcoholic fermentation , not very tasty but toxic . If mildew , be wary. Because the fungus might secrete toxins. If only a small piece cut out some of the more than you can ; If the ratio is large, for insurance purposes should be thrown away.

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