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Eight kinds of massage health care law is the most beneficial sleep

Updated: Friday, Aug 08,2014, 3:21:46 PM
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A lot of people know, drink a cup of milk before bedtime helps sleep, but for milk allergy insomnia patients that may not work. In fact, in the life in addition to some diet can improve insomnia shaped, some sports health care law can play a good Zhumian role. Below we introduce you to eight kinds of massage health beneficial to aid sleep.

Double palm gently facial

Namely, with two palms close to the face, uniform speed force of 2 times per second on the face rub back and forth 1 - 2 minutes. This method can dredge the facial nerve, can promote the role of sleep to prevent wrinkles.

Thumb kneading ear

Two thumbs clung to the front edge of the lower end of the ear, from front to back, bottom-up direction, rub ears 1 - 2 minutes. This method can dredge the meridians, and soothe the nerves, prevent hearing degradation.

Use the finger to massage the scalp

The hands of the index finger, middle finger, ring finger bending angle of 45 °, with finger end with the speed of 8 times per second on the scalp and massage for 1 - 2 minutes. This method can enhance the blood supply of the head, promote blood circulation, accelerate sleep.

Palms overlap abdominal massage

Palms overlap after close to the abdomen at 1 a 2 times a second, continuous ring abdomen all parts, key umbilical and peripheral, massage 2 to 3 minutes. This method can be invigorating spleen and stomach, promote digestion and absorption.

Push the chest back

Speed two to 2 times a second, top-down push rub back and chest, push the 2 a 3 minutes. This method has strong heart, waist, dredge the Zang Fu organs and meridians effect.

Rub the neck and shoulder region

Two palms with the frequency of 2 times per minute 1, forced alternately rub neck and shoulder muscles, especially in the neck to knead ridge, 3 - 4 minutes. This method can effectively alleviate fatigue, neck disease prevention.

Palm push legs

Let the hands relative, close to the upper end of the lower limbs, 1 times per second, by go up and down the pushing leg for 1 minutes, then the other leg for 2 minutes. This method can relieve leg fatigue, dredging meridians of foot six.

Exchange rubbing feet

Straighten your legs, use the right foot rub the left back all parts, and then the left palm rub all parts rub right instep, so rub repeatedly for 3 - 5 minutes. This method can effectively eliminate fatigue, double foot through the blood of the whole body meridians, promote sleep.

In a word, the above eight kinds of bedtime care is benign health method of a class without any side effects, long-term adherence, can not only promote the body's The new supersedes the old., help sleep, also have certain positive effect on preventing and longevity.

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