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Why Children Sleep often Sweat?

Updated: Thursday, Jun 25,2009, 4:34:32 PM
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In addition, children are easily to sweat if drinking milk and eating chocolate before sleep. In addition, the high temperature in the room and  excessive warming are another reasons for sweating in sleep. All the above phenomenons belong to the symptoms of Physiological hyperhidrosis . Physiological hyperhidrosis are usually found in children between 3 to 7 years old .Usually it occurs in half an hour and  stop  in 2 hours  time after the children falling asleep. Children perspire  mainly on their forehead. The hyperhidrosis symptoms usually disappear with their increase of age.The so-called physiological hyperhidrosis refers to the kids body in well-developed and good health, sweating in sleep without any reasons. Parents usually take their subjective sensation to judge what is the best environment temperature for their baby .they cover their babies  firmly with bed sheets in order to keep their warm. As the child brain  system has not growth well ,  also  in a period of growth and development, the body's metabolism is very strong and their body is overheating . So in order to regulate the normal temperature the kids need to evaporative the heat in the manner of sweating only .

Hyperhidrosis pathological symptoms includes :feeling weak at usual , sweating a lot at night,even making the pillow and bed sheet wet , usually accompanied by irritability, crying,  weight loss and others. The common reason of causing the diseases is rickets. The symptoms of rackets is that  children perspire obviously  a lot on  the head  at the early night . As long as supplement  vitaminD  and calcium timely for the children,the disease of rackets will be well under control and the sweat will stop.

If the children often perspire a lot before dawn, simultaneously accompanied by the symptoms of pale, pulse weakness, it seems that they have suffered from lower blood sugar. At this case ,what we should do is to  give the child some cakes  or sugar soup and the symptoms can disappear soon.

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