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Use color mood, let you good mood every day

Updated: Sunday, Feb 23,2014, 9:32:24 PM
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In ancient times, many people believe that the color has a certain magic, scientists today believe that the human brain has the color of a link , a different color for the human body , " emotion " has a profound impact on thinking and behavior . As people 's life experiences , habits and traditions of different ages personality , psychological reactions to color can be produced naturally different .

Driving bad mood , you can wear the blue dress

Previously we mentioned a blue , we will immediately think of the English language can be blue , " melancholy " means. But a new British study showed that although scientists have long considered the blue and negative factors, but this color can also enhance self-confidence, reduce stress and make people happy . In addition , the study also showed that blue can make people thinking agility . Researchers at the University of Sussex, UK volunteers exposure to all kinds of color of the lights . The results showed that exposure to the blue of the volunteers to complete the test speed increased by 25 %. Their reaction time is improved by 12% , hand-eye coordination and the ability to recall words also improved.

So, depressed mood , bad times , you can try to wear some blue dress , look expansive blue sky.

Sex is not the same , the effect of color affect the mood is different

The researchers asked volunteers to exposure every time one color will record brain activity , heart rate and perspiration situation. They found that men and women in blue to help make the peace of mind . Purple people relax , but only for women . Blue and green make men happy, blue, purple and orange are good to a woman 's spirit .

The study shows that in terms of building confidence , blue and red for men to help , blue and purple woman's role on the maximum . Volunteers participating in the survey a total of 1,000 people . Despite the red man's self-esteem improved , but it makes people feel happy or relaxed minimum possibility .

Different colors have different effects on mood


Yellow is the color of the first to see who was born , is a symbol of healthy color , it is all the more healthy and bright , because it is the most easily absorbed spectrum of colors. Its performance for the dual function of healthy emotional stability , enhance the role of appetite ; emotional repression , cynics will add to this bad mood.


Green is a steady and comfortable people feel color , with calm nerves, reduce intraocular pressure , relieve eye fatigue , improve muscle exercise capacity and so on , but also on the natural green syncope , fatigue , nausea, and negative emotions have a soothing effect . But for a long time in the green environment, easy to make people feel lonely , the secretion of gastric juice , and loss of appetite .


Blue is a color give rise to daydream , on the other hand , it is also quite serious color. Regulate nerve sedative effect. Blue lighting plays a significant role in the treatment of insomnia, lower blood pressure and prevent colds . Someone wearing blue glasses travel , can reduce motion sickness, seasickness symptoms. But suffering from mental weakness , depression disease should not touch the blue , otherwise it will be worse.


Black with heat, calm , stability and the role of the excitement , irritability , insomnia , panic patients resume stability role.


Orange can produce energy, induce appetite , but also representatives of warm colors in the color , the color is also representative of health , it also contains a mature and well- meaning.


White can reflect all the light, clean and with a sense of expansion . When a smaller space , the white people of prickly can play a regulatory role, which helps to maintain normal blood pressure . But for patients suffering from autism, mental depression is not dwelt in a white environment.


Red is the color of a more irritating , it gives a feeling of combustion and heat . But not touch too much, too much red color gaze will not only affect vision, dizziness and a sense of easy to produce . Is generally contraindicated in patients with heart encephalopathy red .

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