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Third Trimester (Week 29 - Week 40)

Updated: Thursday, May 20,2010, 11:06:30 AM
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You in the third trimester

You're almost there. During the third trimester, you may experience some of the same discomforts as you did in the second trimester. There also could be a few more to add onto the list. Your growing baby is putting pressure on your organs, according . The good news is, once the baby is born, these issues should . Here are just some of the other new body changes that could take place, :

    * shortness of breath
    * protruding navel
    * heartburn (hormones relax the muscles of the digestive tract allowing stomach acids to seep back up the esophagus)
    * swelling (mostly of ankles, fingers and face and due to water retention)
    * trouble sleeping (growing abdomen usually to blame)
    * contractions (sometimes false called Braxton-Hicks)
    * tender and/or leaking breasts
    * thinning cervix as you near your due date
    * hemorrhoids

It's still important that you contact your healthcare provider should any of these symptoms become troublesome.
Your baby in the third trimester
Your baby's bones are fully formed in the third trimester, but they are still soft. He or she also starts to kick and jab, and it could feel forceful. some of the other activities your baby may be partaking in include:

    32 weeks

        * closing and opening of eyes in reaction to the light
        * practicing breathing even though lungs are not fully formed
        * loss of fine hair

    36 weeks

        * weight gain
        * increased body fat
        * protective waxy coating thickens

    37 - 40 weeks

        * baby is full term by 37 weeks and organs are ready to function on own
        * baby may turn to head down position for birth
        * weight could be anywhere from 6 - 9 pounds, but healthy babies come in all sizes

Healthy Choices

The March of Dimes suggests you see your healthcare provider every two weeks starting at the 28th week. As you move toward your due date , you may be asked to come in on a weekly basis. There are other guidelines MOD suggests you might want to follow:

    * eat a variety of foods
    * get rest
    * start childbirth education classes
    * get tested for gestational diabetes
    * call you healthcare provider if you have bleeding, cramps, blurry vision, a decrease in the baby's movements, or more than five contractions in one hour
    * decide between breast or bottle feeding

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