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Middle-aged more exercise,not muscular atrophy

Updated: Sunday, Feb 23,2014, 9:08:07 PM
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A new study suggests that middle age more exercise to prevent the old muscle atrophy.
According to the latest research at the university of Tokyo in Japan, middle age more exercise to prevent the old muscle atrophy.

Researchers picked 1000 Japanese elderly aged 65 and older men and women, to study what factors contributed to their muscles to reduce disease (i.e., muscle weight loss associated with old age). Researchers measure and evaluate the older participants' grip strength, walking speed, muscle weight and exercise habits of middle age, the results showed: the 349 elderly men and 651 women, with the muscles to reduce the possibility of will increase with age. And those in the middle age people with exercise habits, life less muscle loss occurred in the future. Reduce muscle disease not only physically disabled, also can reduce the patient's quality of life, leading to the premature death.

Therefore, researchers say, in middle age more exercise not only helps prevent loss of muscle weight also helps maintain muscle strength and improve overall health. Research also points out that middle-aged sports to keep healthy aging is very necessary, its benefits are not only limited to the body, also can resist mental health problems associated with aging, including cognitive disorder. Body stay healthy and active middle-aged people suffering from various types had a 40% lower risk of cognitive disorder. Middle-aged exercise can also avoid the falling trend that come with age height.

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