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First Trimester (Week 1 - Week 12)

Updated: Thursday, May 20,2010, 10:53:58 AM
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You in the first trimester

Baby on board; it's not just a popular car sign. You've got an extra passenger tagging along. Only there aren't four wheels under this one. Your baby needs your body for a safe ride. It all starts in the first month. According to the March of Dimes (MOD), your body is working overtime in the hormone department. The stopping of your period is the first clear sign that something out of the ordinary is going on. Here are some of the other changes MOD says you may feel early on in your pregnancy:

    * nausea - often called morning sickness
    * mood swings
    * food cravings or distastes
    * increased urination - pressure of your enlarging uterus may cause your bladder to signal it's full even when it's empty
    * exhaustion - due to stressful body changes
    * headaches - possibly because of hormones or maybe even caffeine withdrawal
    * dizziness
    * difficulty fitting into clothing
    * your breasts may be swollen or tender
Your baby in the first trimester
Your baby has a lot of growing to do. In the first 12 weeks, the baby will experience vast development from head to toe. NWHIC and MOD list some of the following growth factors in the first trimester:

    4 - 5 weeks

        * brain, spinal cord and heart start to form
        * arm and leg buds appear

    8 weeks

        * fingers and toes develop
        * all major organs begin to form
        * heart beats with regular rhythm
        * fingers and toes form
        * sex organs form
        * umbilical cord is visible
        * fetus is between a half inch and 1 inch long

    12 weeks

        * soft nails on fingers and toes
        * fine hairs form on skin
        * sex organs start to show
        * eyelids close
        * baby is almost 3 inches long

Healthy Choices

If you haven't done so yet, it's not too late to start making healthier choices. For example, MOD recommends visiting your doctor as soon as you think you are pregnant.  Better yet, visit your doctor before you get pregnant, to make sure you are healthy. Here are some other suggestions from MOD:

    * take a prenatal vitamin, preferably even before you become pregnant
    * don't smoke, drink or take illegal drugs
    * ask your healthcare provider before taking any prescription or over-the-counter drugs or herbs
    * eat a variety of healthy foods
    * drink six to eight glasses of water, juice or milk every day

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