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Elderly should not eat something before going to sleep

Updated: Saturday, Mar 07,2009, 1:31:43 PM
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1. The elderly should not eat foods before going to sleep: If you eat foods, the body to slow down the activity or the condition of sleep, then he is sleeping and intestines and stomach are occupied during the night, it will aggravate the burden, another part of the body would not be better off, it is not only his sleep, also adversely affect their health.

2. The elderly should not use too much mind or thinking too much before going to sleep: If he has the habit of studying and working at night, he should complete nerve-racking things, while lightning does his mind to relax before sleep. Otherwise, his spirit will remain in the emotional state, so it would be difficult to sleep at night or suffer from insomnia easy after many times of this kind.

3. The elderly should not shake before sleep because of her pleasure, anger, sadness and joy are easy to excite and disorder and central nervous sleep difficulties, so that it does because of insomnia. Therefore, the elderly should not be too excited, rage, sadness and anger, it must allow his emotions stability.

4. The elderly should not talk too much before going to sleep because I do the brain excited, even though the turn to its effect on the older person's sleep.

5. The elderly should not drink strong tea and coffee before going to sleep, because the strong tea and coffee are all owned by stimulating drinks that contain caffeine, which leaves the person to keep in mind statements excited. It is easy to cause problems falling asleep if he drinks tea and strong coffee before going to sleep.

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