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reduce resistance of prostate

Updated: Monday, Aug 02,2010, 5:40:47 PM
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Blood supply of Prostate is very rich. There are four blood vessels which transport the nutrition for it. But only one blood vessel which carries away its metabolic waste. High fat diet causes blood sticky and thick, which will increase difficulty in transportation.

Prostate is fond of hot and sensitive to cold. If in excessive cool environment for a long time, partial blood circulation of prostate will slow down and immunity will drop, which will make opportunity for inflammation. Moreover, two kind of excretory functions which controlled by prostate will be inhibited and glandular duct will block the traffic in low temperature.

Characteristic of prostate is that it cannot withstand weight of man. Center of gravity falls naturally on position of prostate when man sits up straight. If he sits up for a long time, the frail prostate will withstands excessive pressure, which will cause blood stream impeded.

A Japanese s investigation which lasted ten years showed that probability of male who invert sleep custom suffering carcinoma of prostate is 3.5 times of those who sleep regularly. This is because each time’s inverting sack time is a kind of invasion to biological clock.

According to the investigation, sickness rate of prostate disease in smokers is 1~2 times higher than that of nonsmokers. There are more than 1200 chemical compounds in tobacco, among them overwhelming majority are harmful to the human body, so the more smoking, the bigger harmful to prostate.

Pungent food is not the direct etiological factor of prostate, but food such as wines and hot peppers have irritant action on prostate and the urethra which will cause perineal position uncomfortable for a short time and also cause vasodilatation, hyperemia and edema of prostate and neck of bladder then reduce resistance of prostate.

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