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Wrapping glans is phlogistic what is food taboo

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 06,2016, 3:57:33 PM
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Wrapping glans is phlogistic general can appear wrapping is swollen, ulcer, aching, Sao is itching wait for a symptom, if not as early as possible, can threaten the reproduction of secrete make water is healthy and even sexual function, bear and so on. Yantai Beijing male division hospital male division expert points out, in addition to conventional treatment of foreskin glans, also need to pay attention to diet care, this is precisely the most easy to ignore many patients. Patients should avoid heavy taste induced inflammation, but also to ensure that the nutritional balance. So, wrapping glans phlogistic diet should pay attention to what?

Experts said that the lack of vitamin C is mainly caused by wrapping glans phlogistic, the patient's diet can use a variety of methods for maintenance, such as: black fungus, red dates, pigskin, honey blood inflamed can also cause glans to desquamate, blood, blood is the best. Because a lot of vitamin C in the body is burned, need to add. For nylfoc recommendations, such as fungus, kelp, Adenophora, Ophiopogon japonicus, gypsum, Rehmannia etc..

In addition, balanoposthitis can use blood red dates and refreshing appetizer or through blood vessels, blood of the lotus leaf fungus. Chrysanthemum Liver eyesight, rose blood, Qi, antioxidant capacity, which can alleviate balanitis.

Wrapping glans is not fit to eat what food

1, avoid fishy volatiles, seafood and aquatic products, food will increase the spread of inflammation, aggravating illness. Such as yellow croaker, octopus, fish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic products can contribute to heat, after eating can aggravate, is not conducive to the inflammation subsided, so it should not eat.

2, not eat spicy food, such as spicy pepper, leek, mustard and other objects, can stimulate the local inflammation of glans extension, should avoid the. Strong spicy condiments such as pepper, coffee powder, food is not conducive to the rehabilitation of inflammation.

3, smoking can make the foreskin glans inflammation, which is due to nicotine in tobacco can make the blood and oxygen binding force of the weakened, the wine can encourage hot and humid, it should be taboo.

4, avoid balanitis drugs pungent foods such as food, dog meat, mutton slices cooked in hot pot PigHead, will aggravate the condition of balanitis.

Expert reminds: wrapping glans is phlogistic the incidence rate is high, the initial symptom is lighter, when the good is bad, so it is easy to be ignored in daily life, until serious when a doctor. So, if you have a shower when the foreskin, the glans has abnormal phenomenon, must be early examination and early treatment.

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