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What is the harm that the male penis is erect unusual?

Updated: Monday, Aug 10,2015, 4:48:30 PM
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Harm to one The damage to the penis is also affected by the erection of the penis. According to incidence, priapism harm clinical divided into primary and secondary two, primary priapism most common in adults, no obvious etiology; children are most is the secondary, blood disease is the main cause of secondary priapism, accounting for about 20% of all the cases, which is in the majority with sickle cell anemia and other secondary because of neural origin, trauma, inflammation, infection, chemicals, toxins, cancer, birth defects and other. Harm two Cause severe pain. If not promptly treated further by interstitial edema of the corpus cavernosum, eventually leading to the main output vein thrombosis, ischemia and hypoxia make the patient feel severe pain. Harm three The penis is unusual erect can cause the chronic disease of the body. According to the study, in Asia, the male erectile patients, there are 14% patients with anxiety depression, 23% with hypertension, 24% with high cholesterol; in addition, men with diabetes mellitus in patients with diabetes up to 35%, there is a heart problem is as high as 37%. The harm that the penis is erect, believe that you already know, so, appear the penis is unusual erect you still exist not to carry out the symptom to be able to be able to disappear by oneself? Facts have proved that the erection of the penis, but also need to be effective, and professional and regular treatment, is the key.

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