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Understanding of trichomonas prostatitis

Updated: Saturday, Feb 27,2010, 5:15:55 PM
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Trichomonas prostatitis symptoms of bacterial prostatitis or less the same can be demonstrated when the terminal urination pain, dull perineal, rectal bulge and discomfort. Acute attack, but also can occur urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria and other urinary tract irritation, and even systemic symptoms such as fever.

Trichomonas prostatitis patients with trichomoniasis is generally more difficult to identify out-patient, even if the fresh urine samples taken, or microscopic examination of prostate specimens, but also often require repeated several times in order to find trichomoniasis. Asked whether a spouse history of the diagnosis of vaginal trichomoniasis very helpful. As the male trichomoniasis is almost without exception from the woman's infection, while the women vaginal trichomoniasis tests were performed in a convenient and accurate, for this, either directly to detect Trichomonas man, or woman with trichomonas vaginitis Both husband and wife should work together to oral metronidazole treatment.

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