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Those factors that lead to men's premature ejaculation

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 20,2016, 3:28:44 PM
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Ejaculation can be said to be the most common sexual function of men, men can not have experienced the life experience, some people have long been suffering from premature ejaculation and anxiety. But when the discussion of ejaculation too fast, many men feel that they can not control the sexual intercourse at random, and confirmed that he had premature ejaculation. In fact, so far medical of premature ejaculation is not a precise definition, the men should not to sexual intercourse and sexual life quality is not satisfied that he had premature ejaculation, plus some people is only temporary control ability is insufficient. Therefore, should not be said to be a large number of men with premature ejaculation is a unique feature of the disease.

Because men lack the ability to regulate ejaculation at will, so that they do not want to get the sex pleasure for premature ejaculation. But on the problem of premature ejaculation, how long is the "early"? People have to relative to delimit the time range. Experts believe that the health of young men, in general, 2-6 minutes of sexual intercourse ejaculation is normal. However, the men's sexual intercourse control is really limited, this is also an indisputable fact.

The complexity of the problem of premature ejaculation also lies in the length of time and a lot of factors related to the length of time. Sexual intercourse is related to the environment, even if the same person in each sexual intercourse, the speed is also different. Marriage life and marriage reunion or abstinence over a longer period of time of life, because the man is excessive and excited, often is imminent, time is short and limited, temporarily premature ejaculation again common however. The speed of ejaculation is also associated with sexual intercourse position, the amplitude of the penis twitch, speed and intensity, as well as the woman's sexual responses are directly related. Woman excitement, agitation, enchanting, issued stimulus moan or suddenly interested in the contraction of the vagina, of man sexual stimulation significantly increased, leading to sexual intercourse time is greatly shortened, these are not considered for male premature ejaculation.

Of course, the duration of sexual intercourse is mainly related to age, physical strength, sexual experience, sexual experience and so on; and people's sexual concept, the mood of the time, the feelings of both husband and wife, and other factors are not open. So, it is necessary to cause the cause of drought to track.

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