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Study found that lack of sleep affect libido

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 16,2011, 10:57:40 AM
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One study found that if a man sleep for 7 days less than five hours, the male hormone levels will be significantly reduced, libido will be greatly reduced.

The survey from the Chicago campus of the University recruited 10 men, their average 24-year-old in good health. Experts first examined their testosterone levels, and then allow volunteers to sleep each day, 10 hours, 8 hours, 5 hours, range and then re-measured their blood testosterone levels. It was found that only 5 hours of sleep, their testosterone levels are reduced by 10% to 15%. The researchers pointed out that the human body, testosterone is the most important male hormone, testosterone deficiency can cause loss of libido, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, etc., also affect muscle strength.

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