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Six reasons for male hair loss

Updated: Tuesday, Aug 13,2013, 8:45:04 PM
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Seborrheic alopecia. Also known as male pattern baldness, hair loss has obvious characteristics, namely head start on both sides of the temple and began to hair loss. This problem is plaguing 35 million American men. This hair loss usually have inherited, commonly occurring in the family a great chance, when you need to go to a regular hospital treatment to take drugs or hair transplants and other specialized treatment.

Lack of protein. Hair growth relies on protein, if dietary intake of too much junk food, sugar, salt, oil, or excessive eating vegan food, may lead to a lack of protein, which causes thinning hair. In addition, iron deficiency and excessive weight loss people may also have hair loss.

Hair washing too frequently. Everything goes too far, shampoo, too. Natural oils on the scalp will help hair stay healthy firm. If you wash your hair properly, often use poor quality, strong irritant shampoo, or the amount of excess, can lead to dry hair, brittle and easily fall.

Excessive hair. Fashionable dress though rosy, but will stay hidden, hair gel firmly fixed upright hair, all tightly grabbed the hair, the hair root and hair follicle is a huge challenge. Coupled with dyes containing harmful chemicals, high temperature curling irons, hair dryers, all in combat and loss of hair health. Therefore, in the pursuit of novelty hair before the first think about the affordability and sustainability of the hair.

Pressure. If you always feel all day "pressure Alexander," then the trouble of hair loss easier to come its way. Long-term stress can interfere with the body's huge hormonal balance, and ultimately reflected in the constantly falling hair.

Mother's side relatives alopecia. Men will always be staring at his father's hair look, afraid that one day will be bald. In fact, for hair loss caused by high androgen, genes likely to come from your mother. Pay attention to your mother's side relatives of hair, which is likely to be your future trend.

Poor circulation. Hair is more than blood, every fixed in the hair follicle of the hair needs to nourish the blood flow, blood circulation problems, or if malnutrition, will give the hair impact.

Effects of the disease. Some diseases and treatments also make hair thinning. Hyperthyroidism, diabetes and lupus and other diseases can cause hair loss or hair becomes less. Some skin diseases such as ringworm infection will destroy the hair follicle function. In addition, commonly used in the treatment of cancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy, can lead to hair loss, but this situation will gradually improve as the end of treatment.

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