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Scientists have used skin cells to produce human sperm

Updated: Monday, Sep 05,2016, 2:43:19 PM
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According to the British Daily Mail reported that, at present, scientists in the laboratory to successfully use skin cells to develop human sperm, which will bring new hope to the world's numerous infertility families.

This study is based on the use of skin cells in the laboratory before scientists develop mouse sperm, the medical technology will eventually be used for treatment of infertility. About 15% of couples around the world are unable to have children, the researchers say. They can only use donated sperm or egg cells. Valencia infertility research institute is the first dedicated to the study of Spanish institutions to solve the couple fertility problems, the scientific research institute director Carlos - Simon (Carlos Simon) pointed out that what we do is how to help the people in the lack of gametes to produce gametes. This is the key to the success of children.

The experiment was conducted at the Stanford University, the study published in the recent publication of the "nature" magazine. It is reported that Simon was inspired by Japanese scientist Yamanaka Nobuya and British scientist John Gordon, the two scientists is the 2012 Nobel prize winner, the important results of their research is the discovery of adult cells into embryonic like stem cells. At present, Simon and the research team by introducing the formation of the formation of a cocktail of genes required for the maturation of skin cells to re set.

In a month, these skin cells are transformed into a germ cell, which will form sperm, but do not have the ability to do so. Simon said: "they are indeed sperm, but the need for a mature stage of development in order to form a sub, it will be a beginning."


It is reported that about 1/7 of the world's families are faced with the problem of fertility problems, although the traditional barriers to speak mainly about women's problems, but the problem of the existence of men can not be ignored. Although IVF can help some men, many men are helpless. Some time ago, the Chinese Nanjing University researchers not only successfully bred mouse sperm cells in the laboratory, but also to make the egg cell fertilization, and ultimately gave birth to a healthy little mouse. More importantly, these little mice are very healthy and have the ability to reproduce.

Simon pointed out that, for humans, we have to do a lot of testing, because human fertility is a very important thing. At the same time, the researchers also need to take into account the limitations of the law, only a few countries allowed to carry out related experiments, this is a very long process.

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