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Mycotic urethritis

Updated: Tuesday, Jan 05,2010, 4:07:40 PM
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Mycotic urethritis is a fungal disease caused by urethritis lesions. The existence of normal body mold, generally in the skin, oropharynx, colon, vagina and other parts. When the large area burns, acute renal failure, severe diabetes, so that the body resistance decline; or long-term application of broad-spectrum antibiotics at the same time, but also a long-term application of corticosteroids, causing the body flora imbalance, the body took the opportunity to mold growth and reproduction. May be a direct result of mycotic urethritis; can be up first urinary tract, leading to fungal infection, or fungal sepsis, and mycotic urethritis can be used as its early performance.

【Diagnostic evidence】

1. Urethral symptoms of itching, burning sensation when urinating.

2. Check urethra spill a small amount of discharge, showing water or mucus-like, a few red or black.

3. Laboratory tests take Urine, urethral discharge or urethral swab or fungal culture investigations. Especially in the indwelling catheter should be regular inspections.

【Differential diagnosis】

1. Non-specific urethritis nonspecific urethritis bacterial disease caused by the disease. There urethral itching, pain, often accompanied by urinary frequency, hematuria; and a urethral discharge, initially for mucinous, the latter showed purulent same stuff. Urine culture can be found in non-specific bacteria.

2. Trichomonas urethritis is caused by Trichomonas urethritis syndrome changes. There urethral itching, discomfort. How thin the amount of mucous urethral discharge, secondary infection, can purulent. Take Urethral discharge microscopy, can be found in trichomoniasis.

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