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Male penis signs of aging

Updated: Monday, Feb 24,2014, 7:38:59 PM
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Take a look at the signs of aging male penis of it!

First, change the appearance of the penis

Men to the forties, the glans will gradually lose its purple color, which is mainly due to reduced blood running. Because androgen levels decline, the penis pubic hair will be more dilute, hairless gradually restored to the state before puberty.

Second, the size of "shrink"

With increasing age, male weight gain is a common phenomenon. In some cases, the penis will bury abdominal fat. Penis length and thickness, little change will occur.

Causes narrowing of the penis there are many, such as the slow deposition of fatty substances in the arteries of the penis, it will impede blood flow to tissues and organs. Fat blockage in the coronary artery, can lead to a heart attack. Similarly, the deposition of fat in the blood vessels of the penis, but also make erection blood perfusion space is relatively narrow.

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