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Emission is decreased sexual function performance?

Updated: Thursday, Mar 20,2014, 9:01:18 PM
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Normal development of man , after puberty , it already has the ability to ejaculation , the most common one is not in contact with the opposite sex escape , called emission. The emission has often occurs during sleep , mostly coincide with dreams , also called nocturnal emissions . The vast majority of men have had a wet dream , which has about 95% of men reach orgasm in wet dream of . Nocturnal emission occurs mostly in male adolescents 10 to 20 years of age.

Awareness is a wet dream can not be controlled by physiological impulses. Wet dreams often come into contact with during the day stimulation failed to induce rather sleep in the ability of self-restraint when it is weak, penile erection occurs , no other stimuli caused ejaculation , then some people will feel an uncontrollable due impulsive and wake up, there are some other people are still asleep , waking only to find even a wet dream .

Currently, physicians have agreed that the wet dream is a normal phenomenon . Because adolescent sexual maturity earlier , and late marriage , and the occurrence of nocturnal emission phenomena such celibate inevitably restrain his passions . Ethicists even the most demanding of men never proposed disapproval of nocturnal emissions , because they can understand: After more than inadequate way of venting emission occurs , lose conscious control during sleep , it can be excreted in the form of wet dreams . The possibility of more vivid dreams more vivid color , the greater cause nocturnal emissions .

In the period of adolescent lust launched almost all had experience wet dreams . Chance of occurrence of different dreams , such as mental excitement, sexual feelings during the day , before going to bed drinking, sleeping posture, bladder urine , etc. can be an incentive . Who then woke up after wet dreams , no particular discomfort, tiredness just a few minutes at most , do not fuss , do not feel ashamed or guilty .

The vast majority of those emission after marriage , thanks to a normal sex life , no longer occur emission phenomena may occasionally occur only when the long-term marital separation. Due to improper sexual intercourse after marriage or indulge in wine and women , sexual stimulation dominant position in the cerebral cortex , can also cause wet dream . This nocturnal physiological function is still a temporary disorder phenomenon. As long as sexual abstinence , no contact pornography , or audio-visual stimulation, attention to the coordination of work and rest , take part in wholesome activities , do not sleep too thick quilt cover , do not squeeze the perineum , etc., can reduce the incidence of nocturnal emissions .

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