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Does the male obesity affect sexual function?

Updated: Monday, Jul 13,2015, 1:51:52 PM
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In our life, we should know that obesity can cause many diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc., then, obesity will not affect sexual function? Below this article will introduce some of the obesity whether it will affect sexual function, hope that we can help.

Obesity, blood lipids also increased, the impact of the various metabolic function of the liver, the estrogen inactivation reduced ability, androgen, transformed into the enhancement of the role of estrogen, serum estrogen level increased, promote secretion of pituitary, gonadotropin increase, androgen is secreted decrease and sexual dysfunction.

Does male obesity affect sexual function? Obesity is easy to combined cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, the disease itself, can affect the degree of male sexual function. In addition, the body fat, small amount of activity, easy fatigue, sometimes premature ejaculation, may be one of the other factors that reduce the sexual function.

The study shows that obesity will make the male genital wrapped in a thick layer of fat, penis looks very short, thus affecting the ability.

At the same time, due to the thick thighs, repeated friction heat, will lead to the testis in the high temperature for a long time, thereby reducing the spermatogenic function.

In addition, obesity will make the male body of the male hormone more of translate for estrogen and high concentration of estrogen can inhibit pituitary gonadal hormone secretion, and thus make the testicular testosterone secretion is reduced.

Finally, obesity will make the male sexual dysfunction, erectile, sexual desire, orgasm, etc. are not satisfactory, all kinds of sexual dysfunction will come to the door to different degrees, to the sexual life cast a shadow.

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