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Causes of erectile dysfunction

Updated: Monday, Sep 05,2016, 2:46:50 PM
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Some drugs are also likely to result in. Drugs, such as the treatment of the prostate (sometimes for the treatment of hair loss). Because of its anti androgen effect, some people eat it will appear erectile bad, other drugs such as anti anxiety and depression drugs, sedative drugs. Taking antidepressants, if an erection is not good, it is possible to benefit from the adjustment of medication for the treatment of the drug. Anti hypertensive drugs can reduce blood pressure, reduce the pressure on the penis perfusion, and the penis artery insufficiency caused by impotence.

General Hospital of PLA General Hospital Dou Jingtao introduced, 40% to 60% of diabetic patients with varying degrees of sexual dysfunction, in which the male is more than the performance of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, patients with diabetic erectile dysfunction in the treatment of lowering blood pressure and blood pressure, but also to actively prevent and treat erectile dysfunction, can be taken to adjust the plant nerve function and improve the body's microcirculation. It is best to go to a specialist doctor, a clear diagnosis.

There are a lot of people think, erectile dysfunction is the sexual life of the people, no sexual partners and sexual life, there is no problem of erectile dysfunction. The outpatient service often has the person to ask: does not have the sexual life, but is the feeling penis erection is not good, needs not to need to treat? The clinical observation shows that if more than three months without sexual life, there is no satisfactory erection, may lead to erectile function decline, penis atrophy, leading to erectile dysfunction. And we call it "a vegetative erection disorder."". Patients not only affect their marriage and other normal life, but also increase the severity of erectile dysfunction.

Excessive increase in the risk of erectile dysfunction

Study on extraction cycle were compared, and the two group data cycle results show that after controlling for age, smoking, depression factor, chronic disease, physical condition, ride more than 3 hours a week is an independent risk factor for erectile dysfunction, if less than 3 hours with erectile dysfunction has nothing to do, the reason may be moderate cycling the cardiovascular exercise, thereby protecting the erectile function.

Health times special expert Ma Xiaonian said, to avoid the car seat on the narrow perineal tissue compression, the most simple method, is a front down 10 degrees, the front end of the pressure will be reduced by 44% than the level, this male perineum pressure will be greatly reduced. In addition, to try to control the cycle time, should be riding 1 hours, the implementation of 10 minutes.

Severe anemia or erectile dysfunction

The impact of anemia on sexual function in many aspects, such as anemia, red blood cells reduced, hemoglobin concentration decreased, the oxygen carrying capacity will be weakened, resulting in tissue and cells of oxygen supply reduction, organ function will be abnormal, severe anemia can appear impotence (erectile dysfunction), premature ejaculation, sexual desire and sexual function decline performance.

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