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B ultrasonic diagnosis prostatitis

Updated: Monday, Mar 01,2010, 10:40:21 AM
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The diagnosis of prostatitis based on history, digital rectal examination and prostate fluid examination can be diagnosed. However, in some cases, are unwilling to do this with or without inspection, we can use B-ultrasonic examination as a basis for supporting the diagnosis of prostatitis.

Acute prostatitis in the B-image, there are three main features:

(1), hypoechoic halo around the urethra.

(2) The gland substance echo uneven, there multiple low-echo area.

(3) the prostate due to benign prostatic venous plexus around the congestion, swelling, there no echo. In addition, mild prostate enlargement, envelope and sometimes obscure, but the shape remains symmetrical.

Chronic prostatitis characteristic changes of B-image was not obvious, but in severe cases, the following performance:

(1) prostate enlargement is not obvious, form a general symmetry.

(2) capsule thickening or irregular.

(3) internal echo uneven spots may have strong echoes can also be a low echo area, often combined prostate stones.

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