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8 factors affecting male fertility

Updated: Monday, Sep 05,2016, 2:34:43 PM
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1, bath. Testis needs lower temperature than other parts of the body to work properly, the high temperature will affect the number and activity of sperm. Some experts believe that when the temperature exceeds 36.67 degrees Celsius, sperm production will be suspended, and the negative impact of sperm will continue for several months. Research shows that in the jacuzzi bath or hot water bath 30 minutes, will reduce the number of sperm production is short.

2, a high fever. Studies show that men with high fever, sperm concentration decreased by 35%.

3, notebook computer. Notebook computer operation, the internal maximum temperature of up to more than and 70 degrees Celsius, a long time to work on the legs of the laptop, will allow the scrotum temperature increased nearly 3 degrees Celsius, may lead to a reduction in the number of sperm.

4, tight fitting underwear. Underwear more tight, the more is not conducive to sperm production. When the scrotum was tightly wrapped in a narrow space, the lack of air circulation, temperature, hinder the sperm production.

5, varicose veins. The testicular local temperature is increased, and the active substance is increased, so that the function of testicular spermatogenesis is affected.

6, mobile phone. The study found that men who used mobile phones for more than 4 hours per day were significantly decreased, and the activity and morphology were significantly reduced.


7, obesity. A study by the WHO found that the testicular function of obese men was decreased, and the number of sperm was significantly decreased compared with those of normal weight men.

8, party. The party will avoid a lot of smoking and drinking, will damage the reproductive function and sexual function. Alcohol can affect the quality of sperm, hinder sperm production, smoking will damage the sperm motility, and even damage the sperm DNA, but also increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

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