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menopausal woman syndrome

Updated: Thursday, Apr 09,2009, 10:52:27 AM
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40-year-old female health Description: At this time many of the women in the unit are operational experts; at home, there are elderly people with children under the childLongBiao

40-year-old female health Description: At this time many of the women in the unit are operational experts; at home, there are elderly people with children under the child's age of 13 years of age, so they need to care about most of the time. This stag...

40-year-old female health Description: At this time many of the women in the unit are operational experts; at home, there are elderly people with children under the child's age of 13 years of age, so they need to care about most of the time. This stage is often the women and three for a two-step, three things have to finish two days, often at overtime, so easy to premature emergence of health problems. Of these outstanding women, the key is to pay attention to grasp the rhythm of life and work, resistance to aging, "preservation" plan must be put on the agenda.

Ovarian care has been the United States continue

Experts point out that in this age group among women, more and more people appear the phenomenon of premature ovarian failure, in addition to dry skin, mouth to wait for symptoms, and the other characterized by fewer and fewer periods, and even some women in the 37-year-old appeared in postmenopausal phenomenon.

Why are women at this time the phenomenon of premature ovarian failure occur more and more?

Premature ovarian failure more common

The normal physiological laws of the 35-year-old female, is the peak period of ovarian function after a 35-year-old, began to decline in ovarian function of. However, in the "downhill" process, some people "downhill" fast, 40-year-old on the lower estrogen level menopause, and some people "downhill" slow to 55 the age of menopause . The "downhill" faster than women, if the 40-year-old there will be no pre-menstrual, which belongs to premature ovarian failure. Therefore, the 35-year-old women should be concerned about the beginning of ovary.

Pain, breast tenderness, love life, menstruation less dry skin, vaginal dryness, which are ovarian function starts to degrade the performance of women at this time if it is found that these issues should be given on proper maintenance of the ovary. Proposed by Chinese medicine experts to conditioning, to protect the role of ovarian there are many kinds of traditional Chinese medicine.

But should be noted that, although premature ovarian hypofunction too bad, ovarian function was also too strong, for example, estrogen was too high and prone to mammary tumors or uterine fibroids, it is necessary to maintain the balance of nutritional supplements ovarian .

Lead to premature menopause syndrome

Women at this stage a major difficulty encountered is the climacteric syndrome. 40-year-old woman from the age of 65 are in the menopausal stage, but 1 / 3 pass through the body-conditioning and would not have any symptoms. Symptoms in 2 / 3, only 10% ~ 15% of the people who need treatment. Therefore, even into the 40-year-old logo did not need to work all day welding  song

There are 13 kinds of menopausal syndrome, typical symptoms, including sweating, hot flashes, insomnia, excitability, depression, paranoia, dizziness, headache, palpitation, fatigue, bone and joint pain, urinary tract infection, there are ants crawling skin feeling, sex life uncoordinated. Experts recommend it should not take estrogen replacement therapy market, the health care products, only the impact of menopausal symptoms serious enough to work and life, the general use of estrogen therapy, but must follow the doctor's advice, because estrogen replacement therapy is very strict, there are many contraindications for each treatment of a certain period of time are related to the inspection needs to be done. In addition, not to place undue reliance on food supplements that point to eat more beans or bean products can, and only dietary supplement to estrogen replacement therapy is unscientific.

Lead to premature aging, high cholesterol

Premature ovarian failure, in addition to health problems resulting in edema, chest expansion, chest pain and other discomfort, it will also cause high cholesterol, high cholesterol in addition to a threat to the heart but also caused by osteoporosis.

Incentives: female hormones estrogen and progesterone into the 40-year-old will be some changes, in fact, this trend from the 30-year-old began. However, due to issues facing the menopause, many women before menopause have a "control period of estrogen," the only body in the role of estrogen and estrogen than in the past more than any other time, this period may be prolonged for several months or even years. Hysteromyoma if exist, an increase of estrogen so that they grow up more easily.

People often say that women entered menopause after the age of 40 will be temperament changes, so at this stage is the best way to maintain good conditioning of the mind and emotions. And maintain a good mood is, let them move themselves through fitness training to improve physical and mental fatigue and improve mood.

Relax on and helps lower cholesterol, but the main or control diet. Some women should eat more high-starch and cellulose, low-calorie food, such as dry beans, oats, barley, etc., to eat less meat and fried foods.

Endocrine adjustment to prevent premature

Chinese medicine experts have pointed out that: the pre-menopausal women for 10 years, that is, 40-year-old to 49 years old, liver, spleen and kidney are relatively empty, dry hair leading to deficiency of the kidney, spleen prone to wrinkles, hepatogastric not, heat, stain easily from . If you do not timely conditioning, hyperthyroidism, endocrine disorders and other diseases can easily have not been invited. If poor maintenance, old age, it is easy to speed up the pace. Therefore, this age group of women is the key to the protection of the endocrine function of liver qi, the appropriate premium pi sheng.

Lead to the law of life is another reason for endocrine disorders. Sleep late wake up late hormone levels can cause disorders of the skin, hair and no benefits. Therefore, do not go to sleep every day for more than 23 o'clock.

Menstrual disorders can eat liver, spleen and stomach of the proprietary Chinese medicines, such as Xiaoyao pill. Early menopause symptoms such as sweating, poor sleep and so on, to eat Liuweidihuangwan. Love long ugly face of things, constipation, lit and the person may eat some of the proprietary Chinese medicines Qingre Wind.

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