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Women should not use soap wash vagina

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 27,2009, 3:24:34 PM
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Sweden, who after years of a medical follow-up observation, and with statistically that women should avoid long-term use of soap (no matter what type of soap) wash lower body, otherwise it would cause urinary tract infections, urinary tract syndrome (aseptic), the dysuria and other discomfort.

The Swedish scholar follow-up of 22 patients had dysuria patients (a total of 14 months) and 6 patients with bacterial urinary patients (a total of 25 months). These patients every day, lower body washing with soap. The results found that in 22 cases in the genital washing with soap or less disabled after 1-8 weeks, the 17 cases the symptoms disappeared, no recurrence; and 6 cases of those who continue to use the soap, there are five cases are still difficulties in urinating. Therefore, he pointed out, bacteria are not the primary cause of dysuria factors, genital washing with soap and bacteria cause difficulties in urinating urine greatly increased chance of a relapse. To this end, he suggested that women with lower body of water wash, do not use soap.

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