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Women's Health "dangerous signal" to prompt

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 27,2009, 11:20:39 AM
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1, skin color gradually changed

If the skin in the absence of any obvious cause discoloration occur under the symptoms of attention. Lemon-yellow skin that is usually a recession thyroid function, or pernicious anemia. There erythema is a precursor to liver disease. Some people take tranquilizers, oral contraceptives also change the color of the skin.

2 after a cold cough lasting unhealed

You may not cough after cold recovery seriously, but if the cough as long as four weeks, you must go to hospital for observation. Light may be a simple post-cold symptoms such as chronic bronchitis, etc.; serious might be pneumonia, meningitis, etc.; a smoking habit should be vigilant.

3, bleeding gums when brushing your teeth every day

Occasional gum bleeding may be due to a lack of vitamins, and healthy gums are not always bleeding. If you brush your teeth or eating apples often when bleeding gums, it may be gingivitis. Long time no treatment can cause tooth loss, gingivitis and gum with diabetes will also be vulnerable to infection bleeding.

4, breast tenderness feeling

Pre-menstrual breast pain and swelling may be just the performance of menstrual syndrome, but if touched or hugged normally, you often have tenderness of the breast area, with the palm of your hand touch the pain point can be found a small lump, should be alert to breast hyperplasia or tumor.

5, a sudden uplift in the lower abdomen

Recently, when supine, your stomach is still elevated, with the palm of your hand when you have a firm sense of touch, and sometimes even able to touch the masses and the like, should be alert to the possibility of suffering from ovarian cancer.

6, everlasting through the pain

Mild abdominal pain during menstruation is normal, but long-term pain violently every month should not be ignored, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, cervical polyps or pelvic inflammatory disease are caused by the pain and increased menstrual pain, or check the bar.

7, often urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria

This is a common acute symptoms of urinary tract infections. If the sex life after these conditions, accompanied by an increase or a smell Leucorrhea phenomenon may be caused by fungal vaginitis, or gonorrhea.

8, cold hands and feet troubles

You may often feel cold limbs and waist, and sometimes this symptom has nothing to do with the temperature, in addition to the necessary warmth and dietary conditioning outside, you should alert your autonomic nervous system or endocrine system abnormalities occurred, often accompanied by stomach cold, you may be dysmenorrhea. Depressed mood, sleep poorly or facial pigmentation reactions.

9, often feel that there is more than thirst

Drink plenty of water each day is good for the body, while the thirsty are usually after exercise or eating into food natural reaction, but if drinking more than his past constants of water, in order to meet or still often feel thirsty more than is necessary to guard against diabetes, kidney diseases.

10, recurrent back pain

Pour over the long-term people who work sometimes feel back pain, do not just treat it as a muscle strain or spasm, osteoporosis can also cause back pain, and if the ectopic endometrial tissue can also cause back pain.

11, regardless of time and place of the heart beat faster

Each person's heart has its own normal speed, but if you are at rest heart rate over 100 times per minute, you may be suffering from some kind of chronic disease, hyperthyroidism, anxiety, or anemia. The caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, stress, fatigue and sometimes can cause accelerated heartbeat, if accompanied by rapid heart beat, Shi Hai shortness of breath, chest pressure or pain, even more carefully.

12, hair, or very easy to fall off sharply

A small amount of hair loss per day is normal, the pressure is too large, or tight, the hair will usually fall off more. However, if otherwise healthy hair has become very easy and a lot off, we should guard against thyroid lesions and fungal infections.

one,bogey work overload

With increasing competition, the modern career women increasingly intense pace of work, mental easily lead to great pressure, mental and physical overload on the state of health is very negative. If you do not pay attention to rest and conditioning, central nervous system would remain in a state of tension will cause extreme psychological reaction to the passage of time can lead to enhanced sympathetic excitement, endocrine disorders, resulting in a variety of physical and mental illnesses. Therefore, professional women should pay attention to ease the psychological tension, so that work and rest, relaxation are measured, reasonable arrangements for work, study and life, adhere to physical exercise.

two, bogey sad depression

Life's troubles are bound to be trouble down on the hearts of sorrow is obviously wrong in a bad mood should learn to psychological adjustment, try to think of ways to vent or transfer, such as looking for friends to chat, a spit faster, or indulge landscape, saturated in relation to fine mountains and rivers, so open-minded, love life.

Three, blind bogey to lose weight

Amy's heart, in everyone, especially professional women, many people trying so hard to lose your excess body fat, slimming teas, meals and other dazzling variety of weight-loss measures. Those who want to lose weight fast results, desperately dieting, the result is weight loss, and the body has collapsed.

four, bogey heavy make-up

Professional women as a result of the need for their proper make-up is necessary, but avoid heavy make-up because the current sale of cosmetics on the market, no matter how high, or chemical composition are mostly mercury, lead and a lot of preservatives, although the cover can be temporarily live stain, but a temporary solution, many women put their hopes in the endless beauty cosmetics, ignoring their own health. Chemicals can severely irritate skin, powder particles easily block pores, blocking the respiratory function of skin.

Five, Note too thick tea

Most professional women have the habit of tea, tea could eliminate fatigue, Xingnao refreshing, improve work efficiency. While many of the benefits of tea, but there are disadvantages too theophylline, tea is an effective stimulant of gastric acid secretion, and long-term excessive gastric acid secretion is an important pathogenic factor in gastric ulcer, therefore, should be added tea a small amount of milk, sugar, in order to maintain or reduce gastric mucosa from gastric acid stimulation.

six,Smoking boredom bogey 

At present, many women smoking cigarettes as a stylish, in fact, smoking 100 harm than good, the dangers of tobacco on women's health is particularly acute. According to the statistics: the rate of smoking women with heart disease 10 times higher than normal, so that early menopause 1 to 3 years, pregnant women smoke produced by deformed children is 2.5 times more non-smokers, young women smoking inhibit facial blood circulation, speed up the appearance of aging.

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