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Women how to prevent vaginitis?

Updated: Monday, Sep 05,2016, 2:47:34 PM
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Adequate sleep and reasonable sex life arrangement

Every day to ensure adequate sleep, do not stay up all night, otherwise it will reduce the body's ability to resist disease. Pay attention to sex life frequency, sexual life more than 3 times a week, urinary tract infection rate increased greatly, in the summer of this special stage should reduce the number of.

Grasp the correct cleaning sequence of the vulva and anus

Often clean vulva and anus, should pay attention to in order to clean, wash vulva to wash anus again first, must not go against the way of. The towel and basin should be specially used for special purpose, otherwise bacteria can easily invade the urethral orifice.

Develop a good habit of washing hands before

The survey found that people's hands, there are a large number of pathogenic microorganisms such as chlamydia, mycoplasma, they may be infected by the solution to this link into the urethra caused by, so they wash their hands before is also very important, especially a lot of women with vaginal wipe after the habit.

Wear cotton underwear

Underwear material to choose pure cotton, beneficial to the health of the vagina, underwear must be completely dry and then wear. Sleep at night wearing four underwear and even do not wear underwear, let the genitals breathe fresh air.

Warm water to clean the genitals is best

Water is too hot to aggravate the symptoms of inflammation, the best use of neutral, weak acid or soap free cleaning products. In the menstrual period, can be in warm water a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice bath for 5 minutes, can prevent or improve infection.

Usually drink some water

Can prevent urinary tract infection and ease the vagina. If it is found that vaginal secretions smell abnormal or pain, unable to feel hot, humid, should immediately consult a doctor.


Less wear tight pants

Because of tight pants is not conducive to air, is very easy to cause the accumulation of vaginal secretions and perineal sweat, easily lead to breed and multiply the privacy of bacteria, causing inflammation appears. There are tight pants can also cause pelvic blood poor operation, a long time will be the case of chronic pelvic pain, female friends should avoid wearing tight pants during menstruation.

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