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Women how to maintain ovarian

Updated: Friday, Aug 14,2015, 4:40:44 PM
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Ovary is an important organ for women, and it is also called the source of life. Why ovarian hormone secretion in the female body has a corresponding receptor, the problem will affect women's health and women's unique body beauty, so ovarian maintenance is a very active role. So, female friends do not only focus on their own appearance, but also more concerned about their own health bar.

What to eat to maintain ovarian?

1, proper use of the dimension C and dimension E

Studies show that if you take 90 milligrams of vitamin C and 30 mg of vitamin E every day, the risk of ovarian cancer will be reduced by 50%. It is not enough to simply rely on food, so the best advice is to consult a doctor or take a pill or a preparation.

2, folic acid supplementation

Women in their daily diet with a proper increase in folate rich foods, can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer in women. Swiss researchers have found that women who eat foods rich in folic acid may be less likely to develop ovarian cancer than women who rarely eat folic acid. As for folic acid, it is a water-soluble vitamin B, rich in green vegetables, citrus fruits and whole grains.

3, pay attention to high calcium diet

What is the maintenance of ovarian cancer, the researchers found that eating high calcium every day can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer. The results showed that the daily intake of high calcium intake of people with calcium deficiency decreased the incidence of ovarian cancer by 46%.

4, eat carrots

British nutrition scientists found that women who ate the average 5 times a week had a lower risk of ovarian cancer than women who had 50%, compared with a similar conclusion.

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