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Women are not suitable for tea time

Updated: Sunday, Aug 08,2010, 5:00:53 PM
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1. Several days before the menstrual period in very month
It will consume a lot of iron during the menstrual period, so it is necessary for women to get more Iron supplements before the menstrual period. Iron can be supplemented by eating more fruits and vegetable, like Spinach, grapes and apples. However, drinking tea will influence the Iron supplements in these days, because there is 50% of tannic acid in tea, and it may even cause iron concretion in the digestive system.

2. The pregnancy period
Most kinds of tea have 10% of theine which can irritate and make people exited. This material can increase the heart beats and micturition of pregnant women, and increase the burden of their heart and kidney; this may cause hypertensive state of pregnancy. Therefore, for the healthy of both the mother-to-be and the baby, ladies should drink little tea during the pregnancy period.

3. Before give birth to the baby.
If drink too much tea before give birth to the baby, ladies would affected by the theine and can sleep well for the exiting from it. If pregnant women don’t sleep enough before giving birth, they would probably have exhaustion while giving birth to the baby, even have dystocia.
4. After giving birth to the baby and want to be a nursing mother
Because the theine can be absorb by the die sticking and affect the blood circulation of the breast, milk maybe reduced and lack of milk.

5. Milk times of nursing mothers
If the mother drinks tea, the theine will go to the baby through the milk, this would influence the baby’s healthy.

6. The involutional period
In this period, women often feel dizzy and malaise, sometimes the heart beats faster. Especially their mood tends to be worse, if they drink too much tea, these conditions will be even worse.

Women should pay more attention in these periods, if you are just meeting these times, this article will be your assistant to keep your health.

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