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What is the performance of female genital ulcers?

Updated: Tuesday, Dec 01,2009, 3:14:42 PM
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Can cause acute female genital ulcers due to different reasons, clinical performance is not the same.

(1) non-specific vulvitis: a mild, mostly occurs in the scratch after. Superficial ulcers, but the pain significantly.

(2) sexually transmitted diseases: Many sexually transmitted diseases will appear in the course of genital lesions ulcers, see genital herpes, chancroid, lymphogranuloma venereal disease, syphilis exposition.

(3), Behcet's disease: also known as the eye - mouth - genital syndrome. In the course of their disease often acute genital ulcers, a good part of the labia minora in the incidence side of the labia majora in 1 / 2, vaginal vestibule, etc., the clinical manifestations of the following three forms:
① gangrene type: the most serious clinical symptoms. Ulcer before you have a fever, fatigue and other systemic symptoms. Inflamed lesions obviously, the small number of ulcers, appearance, such as Chuanzao kind, deep and irregular contour. Ulcer attaching to the surface more pus, or dirty yellow or dark gray pseudomembranous attachment, remove basal pseudomembranous see injustice. Lesions developed rapidly, sometimes resulting in large organizations, erosion defects, appearance like vulvar cancer, but its soft edges and the base at the bottom. In patients with severe pain.

② chancre type: this type are more common. Disease develops slowly, no apparent prior to the onset of systemic symptoms. The number of ulcers and more superficial, but the larger, swelling around the edge is not sharp, may also have Chuanzao phenomenon, ulcers with pus moss surface. Patients with mild symptoms, ulcers healed within a few weeks, but likely to arise in the vicinity of a new ulcer.
③ miliary type: this type of ulcer are numerous, but the lesion is small, like the size of the tip to the miliary, symptoms are very light, almost a full recovery.

As the female genital ulcers caused by many reasons, so from the clinical appearance and course of disease in careful observation, combined with laboratory tests such as the secretion of smear, culture, blood tests, as well as the whole body health check, with a view to confirm the diagnosis. The female genital ulcers of long treatment should be done in the lesions take Biopsy pathological examination.

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