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What is the detection method of cervical cancer?

Updated: Monday, Jan 11,2016, 1:50:55 PM
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Cervical cancer is a relatively high incidence of a gynecological disease, once the disease will bring a serious impact on patients. Therefore, in order to better prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer, female friends must pay attention to the detection of cervical cancer, as far as possible to achieve early detection of early treatment. However, many people do not know how to detect cervical cancer, we will give you some of the following.

Cervical cancer by cervical scraping cytology

The first is through the cervical scraping cytology. This method is currently used to detect the early onset of cervical cancer and early stage of cervical cancer is the main approach. This method needs a rest is in the sampling position to accurately, and carefully check the microscopy and detection process may appear 5% ~ l0% false negative rate, so this method for the detection of patients to patients with the clinical status of combined diagnosis, but also the period inspection, can be screened by this method.

Iodine test for the detection of cervical cancer

The second test methods are iodine test. If it is belong to the normal vaginal or cervical squamous epithelium will contain more glycogen can be iodine liquid dip into brown, but in cervical tube columnar epithelium, cervical erosion and abnormal squamous epithelium area is not exist without glycogen, so use of iodine solution does not change. In clinical on often using a vaginal speculum exposure of cervix after the clean surface mucus, then iodine liquid dip in cervical and fornix, if not normal iodine negative area can in these parts biopsy pathological examination as.

Cervical cancer was detected by living tissue of the cervix and cervical canal.

The third is through the cervix and cervical canal in vivo tissue to detect. This is the main method in cervical scraping cytology above III ~ IV grade of smear, but if cervical biopsy negative words, at the junction of cervical squamous column of 6, 9, 12 and 3 parts to detect can also be in the position of iodine test does not change color and has the potential to become cancerous the position of to a few organizations, to the detection section, also can through the small curette scratch scraping the cervical canal, the scraping material for pathological examination.

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