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What is mammary gland hyperplasia?

Updated: Monday, Jan 11,2016, 1:56:53 PM
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What is mammary gland hyperplasia? Breast hyperplasia is a common disease in women. The name of the disease is very confusing, also known as the hyperplasia of the breast, the structure of the mammary gland, the fiber bag and so on. Previously known as chronic cystic mastitis, virtually no inflammatory changes of the disease, and therefore should not be used. The characteristics of this disease is the composition of the breast hyperplasia, on the number, structure and morphology showed abnormal, the so-called cystic hyperplasia disease or breast dysplasia.

Mammary gland hyperplasia is caused by what reason?

Mammary gland hyperplasia is mammary gland hyperplasia refers to the mammary epithelium and hyperplasia of fibrous tissue, mammary gland ductal and lobular structure in degenerative disease and connective tissue growth, the cause of disease is mainly due to endocrine disorders. So what is the cause of the endocrine hormone disorder? Chinese medicine that: feelings not free. The liver may not be normal dredging and qi stagnation and blood stasis disease coagulation, Chong and Ren is not transferred, often menstrual disorders, facial pigmentation. Modern medicine thinks: the external environment of marriage, diet, life and genetic factors are the main causes of breast disease.

What is the symptom of mammary gland hyperplasia?

Breast pain and mass as the main clinical manifestations of the disease.

(1) breast pain, often pain or tingling, drag in a side or two side breast, to the side of the emphasis on common, ache is serious person untouchable and even affect the daily life and work. Pain with breast lump is given priority to, can also be to suffer from side axillary, breast side or shoulder and back radiation; some of the performance for the nipple pain or itching. Breast pain often in before menstruation day or aggravating, the pain disappeared or relieved obviously; pain also with mood changes fluctuations. The pain associated with the menstrual cycle and the change of mood is the main characteristic of the clinical manifestation of mammary gland hyperplasia.

(2) breast lump: lump can be made in one or both sides of the breast, single or multiple, good hair in the upper quadrant of the breast, can also be seen in other quadrant. The shape of the lump has a piece lump, nodular shape, strip shape, granular, etc., in which the piece is more massive. The mass boundary is not obvious, the texture of moderate or slightly hard and tough, good activity, no adhesion with the surrounding tissue, often tenderness. Tumor size, small like millet as big, big can be more than 3 ~ 4cm. Mammary bump also has the characteristic that varies with the menstrual cycle, bump before menstruation becomes hard, menstrual cramps after tumor size become soft.

(3) nipple discharge: a small number of patients with nipple discharge can occur, for the spontaneous overflow, grass yellow or brown serous fluid.

(4) menstrual disorders: the disease can be seen in the patient before and after menstruation, the amount of less or color light, can be accompanied by dysmenorrhea.

(5) emotional change: patients often feeling annals not free or irritability, whenever angry, nervous tension or fatigue after the increase.

According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, different types of breast hyperplasia and clinical manifestations are:

(1) of liver qi stagnation: menstruation or menstrual breast pain and rejoice in anger away, unilateral or bilateral can be palpable ranging from the size of the beaded knot mass mung bean big knot, or into a thick cords. Quality is not hard, according to the mobile, not with deep tissue adhesion, environment is not clear, menstrual cycle, the amount of more, chest tightness, heating, mental depression, upset irritability.

(2) red does not transfer any type: the breast lump, premenstrual or menstrual pain aggravated, the reduce or disappear after and during menstruation after the extension, the pain does not play, the quantity is little, the body tired weakness, backache, limb cold, chilly in the lower abdomen, will lose governing in the course of time a cancerous.

What is the attention of mammary gland hyperplasia?

To maintain a good mood, the mood of optimism is the best defense of breast hyperplasia.

1, psychological treatment is very important, the hyperplasia of mammary glands on the human body harm than psychological damage, due to the lack of a correct understanding of the disease, adverse psychological factors, excessive tension stimulation anxious sad, resulting in neurasthenia, will aggravate the endocrine disorders, urge hyperplasia of heavier. Therefore, it is necessary to lift a variety of adverse mental stimulation. People should pay more attention to the psychological stress, less angry, to maintain a stable mood, lively and cheerful mood that is conducive to the early rehabilitation of.

2, changes in diet, to prevent obesity eat less fried foods, animal fats, sweets and more tonic food, to eat more vegetables and fruits, eat more whole grains. Black soybean is the best, eat more walnuts, black sesame, black fungus, mushrooms.

3, to have the law of life, work and rest, to maintain a harmonious sexual life. Can regulate the endocrine disorders, maintain defecate unobstructed will reduce breast pain, can play a role in the prevention of breast hyperplasia.

4, more exercise, to prevent obesity to improve immunity.

5, the prohibition of the use of contraceptives and estrogen containing beauty supplies, do not eat with estrogen fed chicken, beef.

6, prevention of breast hyperplasia, but also pay attention to avoid the crowd, maternal feeding, to nip in the bud.

7, self inspection and regular review.

8, a clear diagnosis, according to the condition of the disease to develop a reasonable treatment plan. At present, the specialty of traditional Chinese medicine comprehensive treatment, with a breakthrough progress, the effect is more significant. Such as breast cysts regardless of the length of the size of the length of time, after 2 weeks of medication are lost. Hyperplasia of mammary gland in timely correct the endocrine, lumps, pain, facial nerve can be eliminated, the acute mammitis after treatment can relieve pain.

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