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What are vaginal deformity?

Updated: Tuesday, Dec 08,2009, 5:17:07 PM
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Female genital deformities are not uncommon, in addition to pseudohermaphroditism (usually manifested on both sides of the labia majora convergence shaped like a scrotum, and clitoral hypertrophy), there are hypertrophic labia minora, clitoris hypertrophy alone, but many non-I clinical significance, does not affect fertility. Most common developmental abnormalities of the vulva is imperforate hymen.

A normal woman's vagina mouth covered with a thin membrane, the middle one or more holes. After puberty, menstruation from holes in the body. Also known as imperforate hymen imperforate hymen. After puberty due to blood outflow of nowhere, stored in the vagina within the patient rather to each of abdominal pain appeared during menstruation. Accumulation of blood within the vagina the formation of hematoma, month accumulation of blood be extended to the uterus, through the uterus into the fallopian tubes on both sides, and by the end of the umbrella into the abdominal cavity. The long-term accumulation of blood caused by the inflammatory response not only to each other can cause pelvic organ adhesion, but also due to the cultivation of endometrial debris caused by endometriosis and secondary bacterial infection, eventually sterilized.

Treatment of this disease, the key is early detection and timely treatment. There are developmental abnormalities of the hymen hymen hypertrophy and so on, does not in itself but may result in the remaining non-married sexual intercourse when the hymen rupture bleeding difficult or more so, if early detection, prompt treatment should be.

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