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What are the symptoms of ovarian infertility?

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 20,2016, 3:23:37 PM
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Ovarian infertility, as the name suggests, is caused by ovarian disease infertility, female ovarian disease occurs, will lead to ovulation disorders, will naturally affect women's fertility. In addition, premature ovarian failure can lead to premature menopause, so that the age range of women will be significantly reduced.

Symptoms of ovarian infertility are mainly the following points:

1. Polycystic ovary syndrome: is often shown as amenorrhea or menstrual thin hair, chronic anovulation, androgen excess and estrogen non cyclical fluctuations.

2 a small amount of vaginal bleeding: a small number of people in the middle of the two menstruation will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding, less than the amount of menstruation, this is the "ovulation bleeding", should be treated.

3. Leucorrhoea grow in quantity: most people to ovulation period leucorrhea increased significantly, be like egg white as transparent and can be elongated filamentous, if there is no pruritus vulvae, sticky and discomfort, don't panic.

4. Systemic disorders such as severe malnutrition, lack of some important nutritional factors or diet can affect ovarian function caused by infertility;

5. Central: disorder of hypothalamus, pituitary, ovary endocrine balance, pituitary tumor or scar can cause ovarian dysfunction Erzhi infertility: mental factors such as mental tight or excessive anxiety, of hypothalamus - pituitary - ovarian axis has the effect of inhibiting ovulation.

6. Premature ovarian failure and fight ovarian syndrome occurred in 40 years ago due to ovarian failure caused by high pro gonadotropin amenorrhea for premature ovarian failure, about accounted for primary amenorrhea 20% ~ 28%), secondary amenorrhea 4%~20%.

In general, normal women in the age of 45 years or so before the gradual cessation of the activities of the ovary and menopause, and the disease in patients as early as 30 years of age, 40 years of age ovarian activity that is gradually stopped and menopause.

In order to avoid ovarian infertility, women should strengthen the prevention of infertility, strengthen the prevention of diet, pay attention to nutrition, strengthen the body resistance and immunity, reduce the risk of illness.

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