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What are the methods to prevent breast cancer

Updated: Friday, Aug 14,2015, 4:38:56 PM
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Nowadays, the incidence of breast cancer is getting higher and higher, which seriously endanger the health of women, so women must take measures to prevent it. Here's a way to learn some of the methods of preventing breast cancer!

Methods to prevent breast cancer are the following:

1, regular exercise

Recently, a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in the United States pointed out that sports can make before, during and after the menopausal women with breast cancer in the 60% reduction in the incidence. Women who were at least 4 hours a week had a lower risk of breast cancer by 37% of women who had at least 25624 hours a week, a research institution in Norway found.

2, control weight

Exercise can prevent breast cancer, the fundamental reason is that it can control the human body fat. Reports on a study of Harvard University showed that women after the age of 18 rapid weight gain, and the long-term keep the standard weight of women compared to, the climacteric of the affected breast cancer risk rate is almost twice as high.

3, don't drink alcohol

American experts believe that if you drink a drink every day, you have the risk of breast cancer increased by 11%; two times a day, the risk is 24%; if you drink more than two times a day, then the risk is increased to 40%. So, advise the ladies like drinking, it is best not to drink more than 3 times a week, but the amount should not overdo sth..

4, more than the sun

With the use of vitamin D is associated with the sun can also reduce the incidence of breast cancer, because the skin is only in the sun to synthesize vitamin D. U.S. experts say, for most people, 10 to 15 minutes a day in the sun is enough, enough to keep people in the body to maintain the required vitamin D. However, some experts have proposed, the skin too much exposure in the sun, who have an increased risk of skin cancer will. Therefore, the sun also should not overdo sth..

Warm reminder: women in their daily life, should be regular exercise, control their weight, less alcohol, in order to prevent breast cancer invasion. In addition, the sun can also play a role in the prevention of breast cancer, but to pay attention to the exposure, the time should be appropriate.

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