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What are the causes of female dysmenorrhea

Updated: Tuesday, Sep 22,2015, 4:48:00 PM
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1, working pressure

Long term overload of work, will make the woman's nerves have been in a tense environment, will lead to women's pain is too sensitive.

2, the spirit of the big temper

Many women have such feeling, but every excited angry, will feel nausea and shortness of breath, dyspnea, etc.. The reason is, the man, but the body will release a toxin in the body. This toxin can kill a cow in a second, it can not only cause human blood to accelerate, but also to change the body of some normal mechanism, so that you can add pain!

3, work and rest time is not the law

White collar work busy, life and rest day and night upside down, the work is too hard to do something. This is an important cause of irregular menstruation.

4, wearing beautiful"

In winter, there are a lot of girls still wear very thin, as their "manners not temperature". But slowly on the discovery, the time is no longer on time, sometimes more than a month or two months, the amount is also less than before, and with severe dysmenorrhea, the pain was severe and even vomiting. In fact, women's menstrual chill, will make the pelvic vascular contraction, resulting in ovarian function disorder, cause hypomenorrhea and amenorrhea.

5, poor eating habits

White collar work pressure, over thinking, coupled with growing late, no time to have a good meal, the blind diet weight loss, love to taste, these are the culprit of menstrual disorders.

6, introverted withdrawn

Women at childbearing age, if long-term under pressure, over fear, sadness, sudden changes in the environment of life, a strong desire for pregnancy and intense ideological struggle, can affect the ovarian function, so that the ovary is no longer the secretion of female estrogen and progesterone and not ovulation, menstruation will begin to disorder. The study found that with anxiety, introverted, withdrawn, Dauth worry character and ovarian function not all women, under the adverse mental stimulation prone to menopause.

7, like wine smoke

Certain components of the smoke and alcohol can interfere with menstrual related physiological processes, causing irregular menstruation. In women who smoke and drink too much alcohol, there are 25%-32% people who are in hospital for treatment of irregular menstruation. Smoking more than 1 packets per day or more than 100 mg of highly liquor in women, the menstrual is not a woman who does not smoke 3 times.

How to relieve dysmenorrhea

1, taking the pain medicine

The speed of taking the pain medication is faster, and women can ease the pain in a short time. Generally can choose to settle, but the pain medicine is a kind of antibiotics, taking too much for women's health. So less than a last resort, pain and restrained pain killer, like aspirin, because of too much of the hormone, when necessary, can be taken under the guidance of a doctor. During the period and the best time to drink once is enough, can not develop long-term pain to relieve the pain of the habit of drink.

2, hot compress

Hot compress can accelerate blood circulation, only in the case of keeping the body warm blood to rapid cycling. Also relax spasm and pelvic region, should drink plenty of water, the pain intensified when can the hot-water bag put in the abdomen, know pain relieve some time down again. Or use a warm baby, but baby warm effect without the effect of hot compress fast, and for the baby just slightly relax the abdomen, and not let the body are feeling the heat.

3, massage the lower abdomen

Each woman's physical fitness is not the same, so some methods are suitable for themselves, and some methods will be counterproductive. Painkillers or compress to relieve pain, can massage the lower abdomen, the folded hands placed on the lower abdomen, pressing the abdomen, slowly massage. This method is also in order to allow the abdomen to produce heat, promote the blood circulation in the abdomen of women, to achieve the purpose of resolving the pain.

4, don't let the stomach cold

In fact, effectively alleviate dysmenorrhea key is not to let the chill of the abdomen, women in menstrual period abdominal blood circulation is not smooth, a large quantity of female abdominal blood temporarily not to supply, then it will produce pain. In addition to the above methods, women may want some other way to make their own abdomen to maintain normal temperature, the body can not cold, but also should pay attention to the diet, the most important is to ensure that the nutritional balance, can not eat salty, sweet, and spicy food, when necessary, but also appropriate to do some mild exercise, promote the whole body blood circulation.

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