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Vaginal candidiasis is a hazard

Updated: Thursday, Nov 26,2009, 11:27:41 AM
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In fact, Candida albicans, in some people's mouth, gut, vagina have, but without causing the disease pathogenesis of a number of reasons why:

1, self-resistance down: Despite the vagina itself is self-purification, but this effect weakened, or when the strong disease-causing pathogens will cause disease.

2, sexual transmission: If the Men suffering from Candida infections, in sexual life, this disease can be transmitted to his wife.

3, the public bath with cause infection: the use of disinfection is not strictly a public bath, bath towels, etc. Candida settle down again to find a place, to cause infection.

4, underwear can lead to infections: the new underwear bought in the haulage process could easily be a variety of bacterial contamination, if the buy back later without cleaning, they wear the body, it tends to cause infection. Some people like to wear tight-fitting underwear, then the non-cotton underwear texture, resulting in genital damp and airtight, to the growth of Candida and create a favorable environment.

5, diabetic patients and pregnant women: their increase in vaginal epithelial glycogen, the acidity increased, easy-to-the growth of Candida.

6, regular or long-term use of broad-spectrum antibiotics: Antibiotics destroy the vaginal flora in the relationship between the constraints, candida to attack, growth vigorous.

7, hygiene pad and sanitary napkin stir up trouble: Some people use health pad or sanitary napkin, a few hours or one day only once, to the growth of Candida and create a favorable environment. Some failed again sanitary napkin into the market, or even if a qualified health supplies due to the loose packing, but also the possibility of contamination after use are also susceptible to infection.

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