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Treatment of fungal vaginitis should pay attention to diet

Updated: Saturday, Oct 12,2013, 8:28:41 PM
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Treatment of fungal vaginitis what foods to eat , fungal vaginitis is a common vaginal diseases , many women find that fungal vaginitis is very easy to relapse , to their own life and work has brought great inconvenience , in fact, recurrence of cause and we usually diet is a certain relationship , so during treatment women must eat some food is not conducive to recovery from disease .

Treatment of fungal vaginitis what foods to eat it, experts pointed out that women during treatment must be eating problems , the slightest mistake will lead to very serious consequences , it is worth noting that during treatment must be careful not to eat sweets.

Under normal circumstances, if women like to eat snacks , candy, chocolate all the time, often also used high- sugar cola drinks , and even have to put sugar when cooking . Environment due to mold like sweet , if often sugar , glycogen will lead to mold in an environment of high growth and reproduction , resulting in fungal vaginitis.

General illness during treatment must pay attention to diet problems , should avoid sweet foods. Greasy foods such as lard , pork, butter, suet , butter and so on. High-sugar foods such as candy, desserts , chocolate, cream cakes , etc. These foods will help the role of wet heat gain will increase vaginal secretion and effective treatment.

Spicy foods, including chili , ginger , onion, garlic , and many more prone to hot food , so visceral noxious heat , appear swollen gums , mouth sores , scanty dark urine , anal burning, pain and other symptoms before and after the Yin Yang , so that symptoms of the disease , so during treatment must not eat spicy food.

Above is the treatment of fungal vaginitis what foods to eat introduction , experts advise women suffering from fungal vaginitis must be timely to the hospital for examination and treatment , do not delay the disease.

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