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The early symptoms of uterine cancer

Updated: Friday, Aug 08,2014, 3:32:45 PM
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Uterine cancer, if found too late, will miss the best treatment period, and even endanger the life. We want to understand the early uterine cancer, so early treatment.

1, vaginal discharge

Because growth in adenocarcinoma of uterine cavity, the chances of infection than cervical cancer is less, so it can be only a small amount of bloody leukorrhea early on, but later infection, necrosis, a large number of foul pus like discharge of liquid. Sometimes small debris discharge can be mixed with cancer. If the cervix pyometra, cause, abdominal pain, leukocytosis. The general situation is deteriorating rapidly.

2, the pain

Because cancer and bleeding and drainage of stasis, stimulating irregular uterine contraction caused by paroxysmal pain, about 10 ~ 46%. The symptoms occur mostly in the late. Such as cancer tissue penetrating serosa or erosion of parametrial connective tissue, bladder, straight or oppression of other organizations also can cause ache, is often intractable and progressive; and from the lumbosacral ventral to the thigh, knee high radiation.

3, uterine bleeding

Irregular before and after menopause vaginal bleeding is the main symptom of endometrial cancer, often with little to bleeding, less massive bleeding. Not only are young or near menopause patients mistakenly think that menstruation is not moved, not timely treatment, even if the doctor also often neglect. The individual has delayed menstrual cycle, but not law. In postmenopausal patients showed persistent or intermittent vaginal bleeding. Endometrial cancer patients generally no contact bleeding. Late hemorrhage can be mixed with rotten meat tissue.

4, menstrual disorders

Under normal circumstances, due to the impact of cancer cells, normal menstrual period will be affected, and amenorrhea, menstrual delay etc.. This is not the only symptoms of uterine cancer.

5, abdominal mass

When accidentally touched the abdominal mass was found, painless, but with the passage of time and gradually. The main symptoms are not uterine cancer.

6, compression symptoms

Due to uterine cancer tumor location and size of the different, can produce a variety of symptoms of oppression. If flesh tumour growth in the anterior wall of the uterus, uterine cancer, bladder and compression frequency, urgency, and even produce retention of urine.

7, other

Patients with advanced his touch can cause abdominal enlarged uterus and adjacent tissues and organs of the lower limb swelling and pain, or oppression ureter caused the side ureterohydronephrosis or renal atrophy; or have anemia, weight loss,, cachexia systemic failure.

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