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The clinical manifestations of breast cancer

Updated: Thursday, Mar 04,2010, 3:02:40 PM
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(A) Symptoms

Phase often no obvious symptoms, or only showed slight breast pain, the nature of mostly dull pain or a pain, a small number of needle-like pain, Changcheng intermittent and limited to lesions at the pain does not change with the menstrual cycle. To late neural invasion of cancer pain is more severe when can radiate into the ipsilateral shoulder, arm.

(B) signs

1, breast lumps

To promote breast lumps are often the main symptoms in patients with treatment. More than 80% of patients occasionally found that only a small part of the checkup when the doctor found.

(1) the vast majority of lumps in the breast area outside the upper quadrant, followed within the upper quadrant, the upper and central areas, other parts of the less.

(2) The number of ordinary single unilateral breast lumps more common, occasionally 2-3.

(3) The size of the tumor sizes. In the past due to late treatment, more than a larger mass. In addition, thickening of mammary glands limitations are also common but it was not a major emphasis on signs, reports a group of touch in less than a lump To this as the main manifestations of breast cancer accounted for 40%.

(4), tumor morphology, surface and shape of the boundary mass varied - as an irregular shape, we can see round, oval and so on. Obese or lumps in the breast behind the darker parts of persons, mass, or the limitations of the gland often Chengbian sheet thickness, surface smooth or showed a grainy, the border is unclear. It should be noted that the smaller mass (less than 1.0cm), the above-mentioned features of the more obvious, in addition, some special-type cancer, due to infiltration of light, even if the larger mass, but also can be expressed as the boundary more clearly, and activity well, such as medullary carcinoma, mucinous carcinoma, well differentiated adenocarcinoma and so on.

(5) The mass texture of its texture are not the same, mostly solid, hard, even for the stone-like hard. However, cell-rich medullary carcinoma and lobular carcinoma often is relatively soft, tough texture, mucinous carcinoma, and cystic papillary carcinoma of the cystic fluctuate sense. A few occurred in the fat-type breast (particularly prevalent in the elderly) and a small cancer, due to fat surrounding, palpation, when the surface gives a soft feel.

(6) and benign tumor activity compared to less activity. Such as the violation of pectoralis major fascia, in the hands akimbo to pectoralis major muscle contraction force, range of smaller, such as involving the chest, then the activity disappeared, advanced tumors involving the chest wall (intercostal muscle), then completely fixed. But the mass is small, the activity of large, often associated with soft tissue mass with the activities of its own characteristics. The smaller the tumor the more these characteristics was not obvious, and sometimes difficult to differentiated from benign masses.

2, nipple discharge

The incidence of breast cancer, nipple discharge low, generally below 10%, bloody discharge, about 12% -25% of breast cancer in patients over 50 years of age, but bloody nipple discharge, breast cancer up to 64%. Primary breast cancer in large catheter or tube carcinoma of the merger more nipple discharge. Sometimes the only discharge, but touch no obvious lumps, tube cancer for the early clinical manifestations. But breast cancer with nipple discharge as the only symptoms of a rare, most associated with breast lumps. Malignant intraductal papilloma, nipple eczema-like cancer can also be associated with nipple discharge. Discharge of breast cancer more common in unilateral breast milk of a single nozzle, discharge can be self-overflow can also be crushed and passive overflow, by their nature more common in bloody, serous bloody or watery discharge.

3, changes in nipple and areola

Foci of invasion, and changes in nipple or areola, the breast fibrous tissue and the duct system can be due to tumor invasion contracture, pulling the nipple, so that nipple preference tumor - side of the lesions can further develop the flat nipple, retraction, depression, until the nipple retraction were completely under the areola. Nipple erosion, scar-like changes such as eczema is often the typical symptoms of Paget's disease.

4, local skin changes

Sooner or later, under the period of breast cancer patients of different skin changes can occur. Some parts of shallow early in the suspensory ligament of breast cancer can be violated its contracture, or tumor adhesion to the skin appearance and skin depressions, resemble dimples, clinical known as the "dimple sign", cancer cells block the skin lymphatic vessels, there may be skin edema. Was "orange peel-like change." Intradermal tumor lymphatic invasion can be formed around the small tumor foci, known as satellite nodules, such as the distribution of the majority of small nodules into pieces, then shaped "armor-like change." The skin of patients with advanced cancer, there may be completely fixed or ulcerated, showing "food patterns" change, prolonged unhealed. Inflammatory breast cancer when the local inflammation of the skin was kind of performance, color from pink to dark red, and the beginning of more limited, soon expanded to most of the breast skin, accompanied by skin edema, skin thickening sense of touch, rough, skin temperature increased, resembles pregnancy lactation mastitis, clinical identification should pay attention to.

5, breast contour changes in the tumor infiltrating breast arc can change in a slight convex or depression. Also be found in the breast elevation, so that the nipple on both sides not in the same horizontal plane.

6, axillary and supraclavicular lymph nodes

The early stage of breast cancer metastasis, generally can not touch the axillary and supraclavicular fossa lymph nodes. If signs of malignant breast lumps has also touched upon in axillary and supraclavicular fossa lymph nodes large, hard texture, activity is poor, or integrated with each other, then the possibility of the transfer of large. It is noteworthy that occult breast cancer tend to armpit, or supraclavicular lymph nodes as the first symptom, while the primary lesions within the breast is very small, the clinical hardly palpable.

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